Tervis beer mug: Cold beer never tasted better


Ready to sip on a cold one? The new Tervis beer mug keeps that refreshing beer cold all day long.

Some days, an ice cold beer is a refreshing part of the day. Since you can’t put ice in a beer, keeping it cold can be a struggle. Traditional glass doesn’t keep the beer cold. Drinking out of a bottle with a koozie isn’t always a good choice. Luckily Tervis has a solution. The new Tervis beer mug keeps that beer cold till the last sip.

Tervis beer mug, photo provided by Tervis

Launched just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the new Tervis beer mug is for the ultimate beer drinker. Shaped like a traditional beer mug, the Tervis version has an added benefit of keeping the beer cold longer, just like the other tumblers in the Tervis catalogue.

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With Tervis’ patented insulated tumbler technology, the beer mug won’t have that pesky mug sweating problem. Anyone who has tried to grab a beer mug, the condensation on the glass can become a mess. No one wants wet hands after lifting their beer. With the new Tervis mug, that problem is avoided.

The new shape shows Tervis’ continued innovation in the drinkware space. Last year, Tervis introduced its stainless steel tumbler to a huge success. They followed that innovation with AR technology enhanced tumblers for the holidays. With these innovations, personalization capabilities and licensing agreements, Tervis solidifies its position in the industry.

While this new design is a mug, the Tervis beer mug isn’t only for beer. Like any mug design, it can be used for other beverages. From iced tea to sparkling water, any beverage works.

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The tall, slim mug designed filled a gap in the Tervis product line. Many of the Tervis tumblers feature a wider mouth compared to the base. This new mug design uses a traditional mug design, which some consumers prefer.

After trying out the Tervis beer mug with our favorite beer, we opted to try another use. This mug is perfect for ice cream floats. Since the Tervis does an amazing job of keeping beverages cold, the ice cream float didn’t melt quickly. Instead of having ice cream flavored root beer, we were able to enjoy both vanilla ice cream and root beer, just like a float is meant to be.

The new Tervis beer mug is available both online and in stores. It is available in clear, green and St. Patrick’s Day designs. Like many Tervis products, other designs will probably be available in the future. The new beer mug retails for $24.99.

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Get ready for your next beer drinking adventure with the new Tervis beer mug. You’ll never have to worry about warm beer again.