It’s possible, Impossible Burger available nationwide at White Castle


Got a craving for White Castle slider or a Crave Case? Impossible Burger is now available at all White Castle’s locations nationwide.

Cravers have a new White Castle slider to enjoy. After a success launch limited launch earlier this year, the Impossible Slider, featuring the Impossible Burger, is now available at White Castle’s restaurants nationwide. Are you ready to satisfy that plant based burger craving?

Some people credit White Castle with inventing the slider. This new variation on the classic slider shows consumers influence on the restaurant industry. Plant based foods are becoming increasingly popular. It makes sense that this brand would want to offer a modern take on the classic slider.

According to CEO Lisa Ingram, “the Impossible Slider is a hit with both loyal ‘Cravers’ and customers brand new to White Castle who are seeking out this buzz-worthy slider.” As Impossible Burger becomes more and more accessible, people are becoming willing to try this plant based alternative. By offering an Impossible Slider, the loyal “Cravers” can try the food trend in a way that is still familiar.

Impossible Slider, White Castle launches Impossible Burger nationwide, photo provided by White Castle

The brand said that they worked with Impossible Foods to ensure that the sliders would work well in the restaurants’ kitchens. Getting the right texture and cook on this slider is key. It is commendable the brands worked together to ensure the best possible taste and experience for guests.

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While I haven’t tried the Impossible Slider, I have had many Impossible Burgers as well as other plant based meat alternatives. Personally, I found that these type of foods need strong flavors to complement the “burger.” Although a classic slider is rather simple, it would be interesting to see how the slider’s simplicity works with the Impossible Burger.

The rise in popularity of plant based foods doesn’t meant that more people are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. Sometimes, the most ardent meat lover just wants to enjoy a plant based alternative on occasion. These alternatives are so satisfying that people don’t feel like they are missing out. It is a good option for adding more plant based foods to a diet.

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Are you ready to try the White Castle Impossible Slider? Have you tried an Impossible Burger? Let us know your thoughts on these plant based alternatives.