New KFC Hot Honey makes sweet heat completely crave-worthy


KFC Hot Honey is the newest KFC southern inspired flavor. This new flavor is the bold, flavorful heat that anyone can handle.

As the cool weather hits, KFC Hot Honey is ready to warm up your taste buds. The newest addition to the KFC southern inspired flavor line offers an irresistible sweet heat that everyone will love. Whether you are craving a sandwich or a basket of chicken tenders, this newest flavor will have you licking your fingers till the very last bite.

After a successful limited seasonal launch of the KFC Pickle Fried Chicken, the newest flavor to the KFC family focuses on the sweet and spicy food trend. Instead of overpowering taste buds with extreme heat, this flavor combination makes the mild peppers approachable for almost any palate. The flavor complements the world famous fried chicken.

In conjunction with the KFC new product launch, FoodSided chatted with Bob Das, Head Chef, KFC U.S. He mentioned that this newest flavor combination appeals to a wide variety of consumers because it has the best of both worlds. Das said that KFC customers have a varied tastes. Whether you like the heat, mustard or classic BBQ, there is a flavor in the line-up that appeals to them.

When it comes to new the new Hot Honey, many consumers who may not be drawn to spicy can handle this combinations. According to Das, “the sweetness of honey tones down the heat levels… Whether you like spicy or not, the sweet balances it out, making it likeable to most tastes.” With the flavor available in both sandwich and chicken tenders, consumers can find a version that appeals to them.

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The choice to add this particular flavor to its KFC menu shows that the brand wants to incorporate food trends. Das said, “KFC chose to debut Hot Honey because of the growing trend of the delicious “sweet heat” flavor and the rising demand for more ways to consume that combination.” Whether people refer to this combination as the new sriracha or simply irresistible, it is a flavor that everyone should try at least once.

Even as KFC launches this new flavor, the brand is continually looking to expand and grow. Das said that Food Innovation Team is always looking for the next trending flavor. As the team travels to trending food cities, they look for ways to bring those trends to KFC in a way that makes sense. Wonder if cities like Cleveland, Pittsburg or Oklahoma City could be influencing KFC flavors in the future.

KFC Hot Honey, new flavor, photo provided by KFC

While this new flavor is quite exciting, the promotion is quite cute. In the ads, the classic honey bear has shown off his feisty personality. According to Das, “the Colonel Bear’s physical appearance is adorably inspired by the nostalgic honey bottles in the shape of a bear that you may have had on your kitchen table growing up.” For many people fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food. This advertisement embraces that ideal as well.

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This new flavor is available at participating U.S. restaurants. The flavor is available as a Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy™ Chicken.

Are you ready to try the new KFC Hot Honey? One bite of the sweet heat and you might be hooked.