ALDI rolls out Instacart online grocery delivery nationwide


ALDI has just given consumers another reason to love the brand. Instacart, the online grocery delivery program, is launching nationwide.

The ALDI shopping experience is getting even better. The brand just announced that it will expand Instacart online grocery delivery nationwide. The expanded grocery option allows consumers to have a shopping experience that fits with their busy lives.

The ALDI/Instacart rollout will have this service available in 75 major markets. The nationwide rollout comes after an extremely positive pilot program in four major cities. Consumers are looking for shopping options that combine value and convenience.

Online ordering services are becoming increasingly popular. From busy schedules to just convenience, these types of services will continue to grow. When a company can provide the same quality products without the shopping hassle, consumers will flock to that service. This new partnership should be quite successful.

ALDI organic produce, photo provided by ALDI

According to Apoorva Mehta, Founder and CEO of Instacart, the company “focused on delivering value and making quality food accessible and affordable to everyone.” This partnership looks to “further innovate the shopping experience with fast delivery and low prices for ALDI customers.”

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ALDI has become a popular with consumers because it offers “high-quality food at unbeatable prices.” Consumers have been drawn to ALDI because it offers popular food choices at prices that the typical consumer can afford. Whether it is gluten free options or organic produce, the consumer doesn’t want to compromise quality for lower prices. At ALDI, they do not have to.

The addition of the online grocery delivery service makes ALDI even more attractive to the savvy consumer. To order, the customer fills a virtual cart with all her ALDI favorites. Then, she chooses a delivery window. That window can be in an hour or even later in the week. The idea is pick a grocery delivery time that is convenient with her personal schedule.

To celebrate this nationwide partnership, ALDI is enticing consumers to try this new service through a discount. With the code ALDILOVE, consumers can get “$10 off their first three ALDI orders of $35 or more.”

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Are you excited about the ALDI and Instacart partnership? Who doesn’t want to complete her grocery shopping from the comfort of the couch?