Fry-YAY! New French fry offerings have people reaching for another fry


New French fry offerings are popping up on fast food menus. From food fan favorites to big discounts, it is time to say Fry-YAY.

Do you love a good French fry? Who doesn’t love this delicious food? From shoestring to curly to even loaded, fast food restaurants seem to be celebrating all things French fries. It is definitely time to say Fry-YAY!

There is something about French fries that people love. While people can debate the diet wrecking characteristics of this food, there is nothing better than indulging on a good plate of French fries. Sometimes that plate of food is worth all those extra minutes on the treadmill.

Since people’s love of French fries is never waning, many fast food companies are celebrating that delicious fried potato. Maybe that next meal might be fry-centric (sorry Keto followers).

Starting on January 18, Jack in the Box is offering a big promotion on curly fries. By ordering on the Jack in Box app, guests can get medium curly fries for just $1. With this deal, it is impossible to resist adding curly fries to your order.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries are back, photo provided by Taco Bell

In even more exciting news for fry fans, Taco Bell and its special Taco Bell Fryologists are bringing back Nacho Fries. So many people have been requesting that these special menu items make their triumphant return. There is even a leaked Taco Bell menu speaking to the fries’ illustrious return.

On Friday, January 18 from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. local time, select Taco Bell Fryologists will be surprising lucky customers with Nacho Fries.

For everyone else, rumor has it (actually the leaked Taco Bell memo confirms it) Nacho Fries will be returning to the Taco Bell menu on January 24. While waiting might be such sweet sorry, those tasty fries will soon be within your grasp.

Plus, don’t forget that McDonald’s is launching its cheesy bacon fries later this month, too. Delicious French fry options are everywhere.

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It looks like it is Fry-YAY for everyone. Are you ready to enjoy some new French fry offerings today?