Love Buddy vs. Duff? Food Network adds two new baking shows featuring Duff & Buddy


With the success of Buddy vs. Duff, two new baking shows featuring Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro are coming to the Food Network this Spring.

New baking shows are having food TV fans glued to their devices. Have you been watching Buddy vs. Duff? The popular baking competition has sparked a big interest in both Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro. After the king of cakes is crowned, Food Network baking fans have two new shows to keep them entertained.

According to the Food Network, the two new shows will give fans what they want, more Duff and Buddy. Duff’s new show is called Duff Takes the Cake. Premiering on April 15, the show will focus on what the Ace of Cakes does best, create over the top cakes for special milestones.

Fans know that Duff and his team focus on over the top creativity. This group of cake artists can create cakes that are visually impressive and could be considered works of art. Still, the final creation is just part of the show’s entertainment.

As part of this show, Duff’s wedding reception cakes will be featured. If you didn’t see these photos of these cakes, that episode will be must watch television. These personal wedding cakes will serve as wedding inspiration for years to come.

Host Buddy Valastro poses, as seen on Bake You Rich, Season provided by Food Network

In Buddy’s new show, Bake You Rich, the Cake Boss takes a different approach. Starting April 14, this competition series gives professional pastry chefs an opportunity of a lifetime. While a baking competition, the focus is slightly different. The goal is to find the next top-selling bakery item for Carlo’s Bakery website.

While each dessert must be aesthetically pleasing, it must meet large scale demand. There is a big difference between creating a single, beautiful plated dessert and a dessert that can be shipped nationwide.

This baking show should focus both on the technical aspects of a delicious pastry and the business aspect. From tweaking a recipe to machine meltdowns, the successful pastry business encompasses its all.

With the success of Buddy vs. Duff, it is smart that Food Network has added new shows featuring the popular pastry chefs. These new shows are part of many new offerings from the Food Network. Many of the new series for the Spring feature popular Food Network veterans. From Rachel Ray to Robert Irvine, Food Network favorites are all over the schedule.

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After the king of cakes is crowned on Buddy vs. Duff, don’t miss these new Food Network shows featuring Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro.