A pretzel throne? Snyder’s of Hanover has prepared tasty treat for the future monarch


Why have an iron throne when there is a pretzel throne. Snyder’s of Hanover has created a tasty tribute to the future monarch.

Are you prepared for the pretzel throne? As the Game of Thrones premiere gets even closer, the themed foods are popping up everywhere. While some cookies and beverages are a little easier to find, Snyder’s of Hanover has created a tasty tribute to the final season. Check out what they have done for the throne.

As everyone knows, the quest in pursuit of the throne can cause everyone to get a little thirsty and hungry. Shouldn’t the throne provide some nourishment? Luckily Snyder’s of Hanover has found the perfect answer, a thrown made from pretzels.

This snack throne is made of over 1,000 pretzels. To create this throne, it included bags of Rods, Sticks, Dipping Sticks, Itty Bitty, Minis, Pretzel Rings, Thins, Snaps, Butter Snaps, Sourdough Nibblers, Olde Thyme, Sourdough Hard, Braided Twists Honey Wheat and Braided Twists Ancient Grain. Given the number of bags, this throne could definitely feed an army.

Pretzel throne by Snyder’s of Hanover for Game of Thrones

While this creation took some creativity from the pretzel makers, it could inspire some fun creations at home. Granted, a person at home might not have space for a pretzel throne. But, there are many other possibilities.

Sometimes it is fun to play with your food, even though your mom says otherwise. Pretzels make great swords, shields and maybe even an emblem. Maybe this snack could be a fun way to predict some potential outcomes to the upcoming season.

Most importantly, these pretzels will ensure that no one is left hungry in pursuit of the throne. With all those snack bags, just make sure that you have enough beverages on hand.

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What’s the best Game of Thrones food connection that you have seen? Where does the pretzel throne rank?