Celebrate National Unicorn Day with colorful treats


Ready for National Unicorn Day? With so many colorful treats and unicorn themed foods, this celebration will definitely be cheerful.

Do you celebrate National Unicorn Day? The popularity of unicorn themed foods, unicorn inspired items and colorful treats hasn’t waned. A quick tour of grocery store shelves show that unicorn foods are everywhere. While some people might want to jump on the llamacorn trend, April 9 is all about celebrating unicorns.

If you are looking to add some colorful foods to your celebratory menu, here are some fun options.

Unicornucopia at Walmart

The bakery at Walmart has a colorful sheen just in time for the unicorn celebration. The Marketside cupcakes are a perfect colorful, sweet treat for the celebration. The unicorn cupcakes even have a magically filled center.

Dunk ‘N Crunch with unicorn frosting at Walmart, photo provided by Walmart

If prefer to play with your magical food, check out the Dunk ‘N Crunch with Unicorn Frosting. These little cups of magic bring the fun to the unicorn celebration.

Snack Pack Unicorn Magic Pudding Cups

These colorful, sweet spoonfuls of magical, colorful unicorn fun are perfect for the celebration. While these Snack Pack Unicorn Magic Pudding Cups are enjoyable on their own, they are also fun to incorporate into other desserts. From making unicorn popsicles to even making some cookies, there are plenty of possibilities in these little pudding cups.

Kraft Unicorn Shapes Mac and Cheese

While this bowl of Kraft mac and cheese might not be colorful, it is filled with unicorn fun. With fun unicorn shapes, it is a great idea for the holiday. Plus, if you want to add a little color to the bowl, a few veggies can make an entire magical meal.

Kellogg’s Unicorn Cereal

Whether you find a box or Unicorn Cereal (or Caticorn Cereal), breakfast can be a colorful one on this holiday. Since the Kellogg’s Unicorn Cereal tastes like birthday cake, it is a sweet treat to start the celebratory day.

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Will you be celebrating National Unicorn Day? What colorful treats will be on the menu?