Dentists agree that the Easter bunny should hop over these Easter candies

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Some Easter candies might be the Easter bunny’s favorites. Dentists wish that the beloved bunny would hop past these popular candies.

What Easter candies are the worst for your teeth? While not necessarily the most fun topic as everyone prepares for the Easter baskets over flowing with treats. Still, these candies are the worst seasonal treats according to dentists.

While there are many lists about the favorite Easter candies, sometimes people need to take into consideration how all those sweet treats can affect your teeth. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in those favorite treats. It just means that people should be a little more aware of how much and how quickly you brush your teeth.

According to Aspen Dental, the top worst Easter candies are hard sucking candies, taffy and caramels. The absolute worst candy for your teeth is sour gummies.

Pucker up: Sour candy is on trend at Sweets and Snack Expo, photo by Cristine Struble

Even though sour gummy candies are some of the most popular candies and one of the biggest growing candy segments, these types of candies can play havoc on your teeth. The reason is quite telling.

“These types of candies are among the worst due to being sticky as well as acidic. The acidity can lead to break down or weakening of the enamel and make one more susceptible to cavities,” says Dr. Anita Imadomwanyl, Director of Clinical Support & Charitable Giving, Aspen Dental Management, Inc.

It doesn’t mean that people should never eat these sour candies. The dentists are just mentioning that people should be more aware of the potential impact of the candies on their teeth. One thought would be to think about brushing your teeth after eating these particular candies.

On the opposite side, some candies might be a better choice for the Easter bunny to put in those Easter baskets. Those iconic hollow chocolate bunnies and the peanut butter filled eggs are considered some of the best candies by dentists. These candies have a lesser impact on your teeth than the worst candies.

Granted, this list isn’t giving people a free pass to eat all the candy. No one is recommending an extreme over-indulgence. This list offers some insight on making informed choices when it comes to what type of Easter candies that you might want to enjoy.

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Will these dentist recommendations about Easter candies change what candy the Easter bunny puts in your Easter basket?