Most popular jelly bean flavor: What happened to grape?


As the Easter bunny prepares this year’s Easter basket treats, jelly beans are always a popular choice. Do you know the most popular jelly bean flavor?

From the plastic eggs filled with jelly beans to an Easter basket’s bounty, jelly beans are always a popular Easter candy. While chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs have a coveted Easter candy spot, the iconic jelly bean can never be forgotten. Not all jelly bean flavors are equal. What is the most popular jelly bean flavor?

Most popular jelly bean flavor, photo provided by Candystore

For all the major holidays, the Candystore releases a survey on the best, most popular, or in some cases, worst candies. Before everyone starts to weigh in on the Peeps debate, jelly beans and Easter have been a favorite food pairing. Who knows why a white fluffy bunny likes to bring kids brightly colored, sugary jelly beans.

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While the jelly bean has been around for decades, jelly bean flavors have changed over the years. The infamous Jelly Belly company has pushed the jelly bean flavor envelope. What started as more exotic fruit flavors has turned into non-traditional candy flavors. Options like champagne and beer can be found side by side with grape, cherry and pineapple.

Just in time for Easter, Candystore released its findings of America’s favorite jelly bean flavors. The top choice was an extremely unlikely one, buttered popcorn. Yes, the flavor of your favorite movie treat is people’s favorite jelly bean flavor.

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This choice seems like an odd one. If I’m craving a sweet treat, I want sugar. The buttered popcorn flavor isn’t a bad taste, it’s just a strange choice as a favorite. Maybe people are turning to this candy alternative instead of the big, calorie laden bag of movie popcorn. Or, maybe people don’t like the smell that lingers after making microwave popcorn.

Some of the other top choices are also a little confusing. Black licorice, cinnamon and watermelon round out the top four. Personally, I hate the black licorice jelly beans. There is something not right about having your mouth stained black after eating them.

One very surprising finding was that sour jelly beans came in at number 24. Looking at the most recent Sweet and Snacks Shows in Chicago, sour is continued to grow in popularity. Kids, young adults and even some older folks, love a good pucker. How can this type of jelly bean is so far down the list?

While this jelly bean flavor survey is entertaining, does anyone really control which flavor of jelly beans that the Easter bunny brings? Can you leave some hints to let him your favorite flavor? If the Easter bunny is reading this post, I would prefer some cherry, grape or other traditional flavored jelly beans, please.

What’s your favorite jelly bean flavor? Or, do you just skip jelly beans all together?