Lots of leftover eggs? Easy recipes to celebrate Egg Salad Week!


Did you know that Egg Salad Week starts the Monday after Easter? With all those leftover eggs in the house, these easy recipes will come to the rescue.

Egg Salad Week, yes an entire week to honor Egg Salad, is celebrated the week following Easter. Given the large amount of eggs consumed (or dyed) over the Easter holiday, this food holiday is a great way to use those leftover eggs.

While kids might have enjoyed all the fun of decorating and playing with those traditional Easter eggs, food waste needs to be considered. Just because those brightly colored eggs might have been found, they don’t need to find their way to the garbage bin.

One tasty way to use those leftover eggs is egg salad. While some people might have served several plates of deviled eggs over the holiday, egg salad can be another recipe to have in your repertoire.

While there are several variations, a basic egg salad recipe contains hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, onion, celery, lemon juice and seasonings. One of the reasons why this recipe satisfies is the crunchy texture from the celery and the creaminess from the egg.

Some people enjoy egg salad on its own. Others prefer it as an egg salad sandwich. If you choose to eat it as a sandwich, a hearty bread is best. A nutty wheat bread or an artisan bread is a nice contrast to the egg salad.

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous, Spicy Fried Egg Salad Bombs. This recipe by the Incredible Egg elevates the traditional egg salad into something more. From panko coating to the aioli, these little bites could become a new tradition for all those leftover eggs.

The Spicy Fried Egg Salad Bombs are a great way to think about playing with flavors and textures. If you like egg salad, there are always new ways to change it slightly. From adding some gochujang for a punch of flavor to adding a different texture from a leaks or ramps, there are numerous ways to create a new egg salad recipe.

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Will you be celebrating Egg Salad Week? What is your favorite egg salad recipe?