Are you ready for D.T.O? MTN DEW thinks it is time for DEW Time Off


MTN DEW understands that its fans are passionate about life. Still, wouldn’t your day be a little better with some D.T.O, DEW Time Off?

What are your passions? MTN DEW understands that everyone has a love, a desire, an urge to fulfill those activities, dreams, wants. Unfortunately, there can be barriers to enjoying that passion. What if those barriers were removed? Wouldn’t life be better with a little D.T.O., DEW Time Off?

MTN DEW is a huge part of pop culture. From the iconic Game of Thrones promotions to its collaborations with all types of sports and pop culture personalities, the beverage brand encourages everyone to embrace what life has to offer. Life is too short to just sit by and watch it pass by.

While everyone would love the freedom to dream big, real world obligations can get in the way. From work to other responsibilities, those passion projects can be put aside due to the daily grind. Sometimes, people need a break. Maybe people need a D.T.O, DEW Time Off.

In a recent campaign, the beverage brand and Kevin Hart show how people can live life a little fuller when they can have a little time off. Check out this video where Kevin Hart steps into the role as a gym front desk person to give this gentleman a day off.

The smile on the gym employee is priceless. It is like a little bit of weight is lifted and there is a sense of happiness with within. In a way, it brings about a bigger issue. Doesn’t everyone deserve a little break?

This commercial is just the start to the campaign. Other NBA and racing personalities will be featured in other D.T.O. experiences. Maybe that next Uber you take won’t be your normal driver.

In addition to the commercials, the brand is reaching out directly to fans. To launch this campaign, MTN DEW is asking its fans, what they would do with a little D.T.O.? How would they take that break to pursue their passions? A few lucky winners will get $1,000 to make that situation happen.

While that question seem rather straightforward and simple, the answer might be a little bigger than expected. Sure, who wouldn’t want a day or two to sit on a beach and watch the waves? Then again, the concept could bring a lot of good to the world.

For some people, there passion isn’t focused inward. What if a person took the day off to help a local school or community center? Maybe a person could spend the day planting a community garden. The possibilities are numerous.

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Could you use a little D.T.O.? More importantly, how can MTN DEW fuel your passion?