Dunkin’ adds new ice cream inspired flavors that are perfect for summer


Ready for fun in the sun? Dunkin’ added new ice cream inspired flavors to its coffee menu. Ready for ice cream goodness that doesn’t melt?

Dunkin’ thinks that it is time to take those ice cream flavor beyond the cone. These ice cream inspired flavors will have you skipping the spoon for the coffee cup. Thirsty yet?

During the summer months, ice cream seems to be everyone favorite treat. The sweet flavors seem to be perfectly refreshing on a hot, sunny day. While those ice cream cones and bowls are delicious, they don’t have to be the only way to enjoy those classic flavors.

The Dunkin’ ice cream inspired coffees are here for the warmer months. The three ice cream inspired flavors are banana split, pistachio almond fudge and butter pecan. Available in all coffee options, these flavored coffees might be a great swap for the bowl of ice cream.

In addition to the ice cream inspired treats, Dunkin’ is adding cosmic inspired COOLATTAs for summer. As the summer heat builds, a refreshing, colorful treat can be the perfect way to cool off. While these new cosmos beverages might look galactic inspired, the flavors are quite approachable.

Last year, the brand offered cosmically inspired summer treats. These new treats are similar, yet different from last year’s offerings. The new COOLATTA drinks are layered, creating almost two drinks in one.

Dunkin Cosmos COOLATTA, photo provided by Dunkin

New this year, the Cosmic Grape COOLATTA combines grape COOLATTA with Blue Raspberry. While both flavors tend to be on the sweet side, these drinks could bring a new flavor experience. In a way, try a sip of each between combining them into a new, unique combination.

The other two Cosmic COOLATTA flavors are Cosmic Pineapple with Blue Raspberry and Cosmic Strawberry with Blue Raspberry. Give the season, all of these offerings should be quite refreshing. Plus, they all pair well with the Shooting Star Donut.

This special space themed donuts is star shaped. Plus, it has white icing with blue raspberry flavored popping candy and lots of space-themed colors. It is totally out of this world.

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Are you ready to try these new Dunkin’ summer offerings? Which one tops the must try list?