Run to the cosmos: Dunkin Donuts new flavors are out of this world


Blast off to the cosmos this summer at Dunkin Donuts. The newest brightly colored menu items are totally out of this world.

Are you ready for a colorful, cosmic inspired summer? Dunkin Donuts is ready to run to the cosmos with its newest colorful menu items. From refreshing COOLATTA flavors to popping candy donuts, these summer treats are definitely out of this world.

Dunkin Donuts new flavors are out of this world, photo provided by Dunkin Donuts

Just for this summer, Dunkin’ Donuts announced a few new menu items. These new offerings are colorful creations that add a sense of whimsy and amusement to summer. Whether enjoyed on their own or combined together, these summer treats will have you launching into outer space inspired fun.

Comet Candy Donut, photo provided by Dunkin’ Donuts

The newest donut, the Comet Candy Donut, is a colorful confection is sugar fantasy. The donut is “decorated with white icing and new pink, blue and purple cotton candy flavored popping candy.” Popping candy is always a fun treat. With the cotton candy flavor, the kids will be begging parents to make a run for Dunkin’.

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The color combination for the new donut is also an interesting choice. While unicorn foods are still popular, the donut colors are less bright than other recent colorful food offerings. The more subtle colors can make the donut more appealing to all ages. Plus, there is a little reference to the cotton candy treats that people get at a summer fair. It might not be space-related, but who hasn’t eaten cotton candy at a fair?

Of course, a refreshing, cool beverage is a must during the warmer months. Dunkin’ is offered new Cosmic COOLATTAs. These two new beverages layer flavors for a totally celestial sip. The Cosmic Cotton Candy COOLATTA blends the Cosmic Cotton Candy COOLATTA features new Cotton Candy flavored COOLATTA topped with Blue Raspberry. The other new flavor, Cosmic Pineapple COOLATTA, blends pineapple with blue raspberry. If the flavor combination don’t have you tasting stars, the colors will have you dreaming of space.

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The new cosmic inspired treats are only available for a limited time. Head to your local Dunkin Donuts now through May 27 to try them. Don’t let these celestial treats disappear without at least a taste.