Are you willing to wait for the World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery?


In the world of pizza delivery, hot and fast are usually the common adjectives. Would you be willing to wait for the World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery?

How long is too long for pizza delivery? Sargento is turning the pizza world upside with its new take on the World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery. Instead of complaining about this delay, cheese fans will be lining up for the opportunity to place their order.

One key component to a delicious pizza is the cheese. While people can debate thin, thick or even vegetable pizza crusts, good cheese can make a huge difference in pizza enjoyment. Sargento wants to elevate the pizza cheese game.

For 65 years, Sargento has been a cheese brand leader. The Wisconsin based company was the first to offer pre-packaged sliced cheese. Throughout the years, the brand has been an innovator when it comes to providing cheese related products.

To announce its newest cheese line, Reserve Series, Sargento is offering free pizza, if you are willing to wait. The Reserve Series of shredded cheeses are aged between four and 18 months. While this waiting might seem long, the robust flavor is worth every bit of the wait.

Sargento launches World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery to announce its new Reserve Series cheeses, photo provided by Sargento

The Reserve Series has four varieties, Aged Italian Blend cheese, 6-Month Aged Gouda, 14-Month Aged Parmesan and 18-Month Aged Cheddar. While this special promotion is focused on pizzas, these four cheeses will add depth of flavor to many of your favorite recipes.

Since pizza is a great food to taste the nuanced flavor of an aged cheese, this special slow, super slow, delivery option is a fun way to get people to learn about the new cheeses. And, isn’t free pizza worth any amount of wait?

For this promotion, only people within a particular Chicago area delivery radius will be able to enjoy this slow delivery. Even if you don’t live in the delivery area, you aren’t left out. Sargento has provided the recipes as well. Plus, you don’t have to wait as long as those Windy City residents.

The four pizzas highlighting the new cheeses are: Margherita Pizza topped with the Aged Italian Blend cheese, Apple Bacon Gouda Pizza with 6-Month Aged Gouda, Chicken Parmesan Pizza with 14-Month Aged Parmesan and Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza topped with 18-Month Aged Cheddar.

Looking at these four pizzas, it is a way to re-think the traditional pizza toppings. In a way, the apple bacon Gouda is the most innovative pizza on the list. It shows that pizza isn’t necessarily limited to cheese, meat and sauce. It is like taking a cheese plate and combining it on a pizza crust. Just think of the possibilities that could be made.

When it comes to great flavor, waiting is worth every delicious bite. The new Sargento Reserve Series proves that concept with the first bite.

If you are willing to wait, sign up for the World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery promotion at and you could receive a free pizza.

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How long have you ever waited for pizza delivery? More importantly, what’s your favorite cheese to use on pizza?