Celebrate DoorDash and Chipotle’s partnership with free chips & guacamole


DoorDash and Chipotle want you to celebrate their one year partnership with some free chips and guacamole. Who new anniversaries were so tasty?

It has been one year since DoorDash and Chipotle joined forces in providing tasty food being delivered where and when you want it. To celebrate their year together, the two brands will be giving fans free chips and guacamole to celebrate. Who’s ready to place an order?

On April 30, customers using the code CHIPSNGUAC will receive free chips and guacamole on Chipotle orders of $10 or more. But, the tasty treats don’t end today. With Cinco de Mayo this weekend, the brands will offer free delivery on orders of $10 or more on May 5, no promo code needed. It looks like this week is going to be a tasty one.

DoorDash has been a leader in bringing together consumers and their favorite restaurants. The convenience of ordering their favorite foods directly from a device has been a huge success. There is something quite satisfying about staying in.

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Specifically looking at the Chipotle partnership, consumers in 4,000 cities have really enjoyed ordering their favorite burritos, bowls and, of course, chips and guacamole. According to the brands, the number one selling item is burrito bowls. This menu item is order twice as often as a burrito.

Thinking about why the burrito bowl is so popular, the answer could be a variety of options. From the thought that a bowl is healthier (less carbs) to less mess, it could be a variety of answers. Maybe people just like burrito bowls better. No matter the real reason, the evidence is clear that bowls are the top choice.

Additionally, it appears that people love adding chips and guacamole to their orders. Cities like Chicago, Cincinnati and Denver often add the extra to their Chipotle order. In truth, can anyone really resist a side of chips and guacamole? Sometimes that order is a meal in itself.

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Are you ready to place a Chipotle order with DoorDash? It looks like some free food could be headed your way.