Dr. Pepper Dark Berry, ready to enjoy some fruity refreshment?


Dr. Pepper just added a new flavor to its classic collection. Are you ready to take a sip on the dark side and get a little fruity?

The newest flavor joining the Dr. Pepper line-up is Dark Berry. After five years, the iconic, Texas’ favorite beverage is getting a dark upgrade. While the classic beverage has seen vanilla and cherry versions, this new limited edition flavor will have people clamoring to try it.

Starting May 1, the newest flavor, Dark Berry, will hit store shelves. Although some people have already spotted it, the official launch date is May 1. Since this beverage is a limited edition offer, it be best to grab a bottle, can or case before it is gone.

While the classic beverage is made of 23 combinations of flavors, the new limited edition flavor adds bold fruit flavors. As the name suggests, dark berries, black cherry, black currant and blackberry, are the flavor focus.

Thinking about those particular flavors, the choices are quite smart. Berry has been one of the 23 original flavors. Those berries have sweetness but they have just a touch of tart, which keeps the taste from becoming cloying sweet. In a way, the sweet hits first but finishes in a satisfying way.

Also, Dr. Pepper tends to have a hint of spice flavors, like all-spice.  While it is hard to detect all 23 classic flavors, playing dark berries off the slightly warm, spicy notes makes for a quite interesting sip.

Given that this beverage launches going into the summer, the flavor combinations are quite smart. Summer and berries are a classic combinations. Dark berries can offer a hint of refreshment on a hot, long day. Just think about how a juicy, ripe berry satisfies at a summer barbecue or sitting by the pool.

Since this flavor is a limited edition offering, the brand is also pairing the packaging with the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie. Given the recent announcement of Doritos partnering with the upcoming movie, it seems like this beverage and snack combination will be the ultimate movie combination.

The limited edition Dr. Pepper Dark Berry is on store shelves now. If you see some, you better stock up before it is gone.

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