Bake You Rich winners ranked: Which Food Network winner is the tastiest?


Food Network’s Bake You Rich and Buddy Valastro gave bakers and opportunity of a life time. Which winning baked goods were the tastiest treats?

Bake You Rich gave both bakers and Food Network fans an opportunity of a life time. Four winning bakers were given the opportunity to sell their signature baked goods on Buddy Valastro’s Carlo’s Bakery website. While all these signature dishes were worthy of the win, which Food Network winner should you order?

This new baking show gave foodies and Food Network fans a new opportunity. While several shows offer fans recipes and demos, there hasn’t been a way for viewers to buy the food that was seen on the show.

Sure, some people might be able to order a Cake Boss cake or visit a Food Network personality’s restaurant, but this show offered a different experience. With a click of a button, that delicious dessert could be delivered to your door. It was almost a version of taste-o-vision.

Over a four week period, several bakers competed for the opportunity to get national exposure for their signature item. Each bakers’ items were very different. From slightly savory options to over the top cakes, these baked goods are all worthy of an online order.

Overall, it was a little curious that three of the four winning baked goods had more of a savory appeal. Since the Cake Boss is known for his over the top cakes and desserts, it was a little surprising that the winning items were less sweet.

In a way, that direction makes Food Network fans expand the food horizons. Bakeries don’t always have to offer the outrageous cupcake or the beautiful cream puff. Variety is the spice of life.

But, if you could only choose one Bake You Rich winning item, FoodSided has decided to rank its favorites from this season. Of course, this list is just our opinion. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

4. Cuban Meat Pie – Adalberto Diaz of Salt Lake City, UT

If you live close to Miami, a Cuban meat pie is a delicious treat that is the combines a hint of sweet with savory. In this version, the perfectly flakey pastry made it a popular choice for Bake You Rich. With both a pork or beef option, foodies should order both versions. Hopefully people across the U.S. discover this Cuban staple.

3. Amiens Macarons – Charlotte Bell of Stone Mountain, GA

While the sweet, colorful macaron seems to be everywhere, this rustic version has foodies realizing that not all macarons are the same. This French regional macaron would be the perfect pair for afternoon tea or even a lovely brunch.

Available in Earl Grey, Orange Ginger, Lemon Poppyseed and Blueberry Crumble, this macaron would be perfect for a Mother’s Day treat, bridal brunch or just an extra because. It is a lovely alternative for an afternoon tea service.

2. Pecan Stuffed Chocolate Cake – Heather Walker, Scottsdale, AZ

Probably the most decadent item on the list, the Pecan Stuffed Cake is definitely an indulgent bite. The moist chocolate cake is filled with pecan salted caramel. To say that this ooey, gooey center is a dessert lovers’ dream is an understatement. The cake is then covered with ganache and sprinkled with golden crumbs.

This cake is probably the dessert that many Food Network were expecting from the entire Bake You Rich season. If you order this cake, make sure to have a few friends who want to share it. It seems almost impossible to eat an entire cake by yourself.

1. Frenagel – Gerard Floravanti of Huntington, NY

The Bake You Rich season kicked off with the most innovative item. Even Buddy said, “the Frenagel is unlike anything that I’ve ever eaten before and it would so outside of the box.” If the name didn’t pique your curiosity, the description definitely did.

The Frenagel is a mash-up of a croissant, brioche and a bagel. The inside is flakey like a croissant while the outside has the bite of the bagel. While the show suggested serving it with cream cheese, there are so many options for these delicious mash-up.

While the Franagel is available on the Carlos’ Bakery website, it will be curious to see how many other bakeries try to make a copy-cat. How often do you see a croissant-doughnut?

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What was your favorite Bake You Rich winning item? If you have ordered one, let us know how it tasted.