Moms need a Mom-sized iced coffee and Tim Hortons delivers


How big is your coffee cup? Tim Hortons understands that mom-sized iced coffee cup is required to help her power through her very busy day.

Tim Hortons understands that sometimes a regular-sized iced coffee cup may not fill that caffeine need. Some days, it takes two, three or maybe even four cups of coffee for that caffeine jolt to get to the right level. For many moms, a mom-sized coffee would be a dream.

When thinking about the traditional iced coffee cup sizes, the ounces usually stop around the 20 oz mark. Sure that extra large, venti or other designation might satisfy, but sometimes bigger is better. If sodas can come in 40+ oz varieties, why can’t iced coffee?

For Mother’s Day, Tim Hortons is delivering the largest size ice coffee cup by a “renowned major coffee chain in the U.S.” At 52 oz., the Mom-sized cup holds about the amount of a Tim’s pot of coffee. Think this coffee will curb that caffeine fix?

A 52 oz iced coffee is really big. In a way, getting this iced coffee for mom could be a way to tell her to sit back and relax until she is done drinking it. Given the size, it should take her awhile to slowly sip and enjoy all the iced coffee deliciousness.

Tim Hortons mom-sized iced coffee, photo provided by Tim Hortons

To celebrate all the moms in the world, the mom-sized ice coffee will be offered free on Mother’s Day to moms. The offer will be available while supplies last at select locations in Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, New York City and Toledo. To receive this “mom-sized” coffee, moms just need to request mom-sized when ordering.

Now, for anyone who didn’t make Mother’s Day plans, this mom-sized ice coffee could get you out of a little bit of trouble. Plus, you could pair the ice coffee with some Mother’s Day themed donuts. In some cases, mom might prefer a sweet treat over flowers or a macaroni necklace.

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Did Tim Hortons deliver the ultimate Mother’s Day gift? Is this iced coffee really big enough to help mom power through her day?