New Yorkers can get free beer next week, yes really


Want free beer? If you live in New York City, next week is looking pretty festive because you could be raising a pint for free.

What can make a beer taste even more refreshing? Free beer is the ultimate win for beer fans. While there aren’t too many opportunity to enjoy one on the house, New York City will have that opportunity for grab a beer for free. Who is joining me?

When someone gets something for free, people usually think that there is some type of catch. Do you have to listen to some long winded, boring speech? Maybe you have to try a beer that is just not tasty. Sometimes free is associated with a catch.

On May 16, there is no catch, except that you have to live in New York City. For those New Yorkers, Michelob ULTRA is giving people a free ULTRA. That’s right, no strings attached, but you might want to give a shout out to Brooks Koepka.

Earlier this week Brooks Koepka made a pretty epic golf shot. He made a golf shot “from Governors Island onto a floating barge in the middle of the Hudson River.” Yes, that The ULTRA Shot earned New Yorkers free beer.

Free beer thanks to Brooks Koepka, photo provided by Michelob ULTRA

On May 16, the PGA Championship kicks off in New York City. Michelob ULTRA has partnered with Koepka throughout the golf season. In honor of him making this ULTRA Shot, consumer can receive “$5 rebate on a Michelob ULTRA 6-packs as well as a free ULTRA at select bars in the city from 3 – 6 p.m.”

Recently Michelob ULTRA has been doing various promotions around sporting events. Anyone remember the free beer for completing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving (yes, I got my beer)?

These promotions fit the beer brand’s niche of appealing to active lifestyles. Even the weekend warrior doesn’t want to totally give up drinking beer with friends. A carb and calorie conscious alternative appeals to that lifestyle.

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Thanks Brooks Koepka for earning everyone some free beer on May 16. Wonder if he had a Michelob ULTRA to celebrate that ULTRA Shot?