Mom’s favorite brunch foods: Is it on your Mother’s Day menu?


Do you know mom’s favorite brunch foods? With only a few more days to the big mom celebration, maybe this list could inspire your celebratory menu.

What’s on your Mother’s Day menu? In many cases, mom’s favorite brunch foods are a top choice. While some of those reservations might be booked, ordering or cooking up a delicious brunch is still within your grasp. But, what food would mom like?

Recently, GrubHub surveyed orders across the country to determine the top brunch items. According to the survey, brunch orders for Mother’s Day focuses on sweeter fare. While pancakes held many spots, French Toast was moms’ favorite brunch food. Given this data, should you be ordering mom pancakes or French Toast for Mother’s Day?

For some people, they can’t be in the same town as their mom on Mother’s Day. Sending mom brunch via, GrubHub is a great idea. Sure, that box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers is special, but shouldn’t mom have a day off from the kitchen?

Thinking about brunch food being delivered, pancakes and French toast is a great choice because they travel well (as long as the syrup comes on the side). Plus, mom could add some fresh fruit to the mix and boost the “healthy” and tasty factor.

Additionally, these two menu choices can be customized with different flavors. Pancakes don’t have to be just buttermilk. Think about blueberry, chocolate chip or even some banana options. Basically, a pancake can be a great vehicle for tons of ingredients.

If you prefer to make mom brunch, the two ideas of pancakes and/or French toast is an easy idea. Even the kids can join in making breakfast. Sure, those pancakes might not be perfectly round, but mom won’t care. Why not add some strawberry eyes and a banana mouth and give that pancake some personality.

Also, French toast is a great overnight brunch choice. Think about using a French toast bake (soaking the bread with custard in a pan overnight, then heating in the oven in the morning. It is simple, easy and mom doesn’t have to lift a finger.

No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day or what you choose to serve, just remember to say thank you to mom this Sunday. Sometimes that little gesture can go a long way.

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How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? What will you be serving mom?