Upgrade pizza night with Digiorno Pizza, don’t you deserve more?


What can make a pizza even more enjoyable? Digiorno Pizza wants to give pizza fans more, because pizza lovers always deserve more.

Pizza seems like the quintessential food. In many ways, Digiorno Pizza is always stocked in the freezer, in many families’ homes. With its iconic tag line, it’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno, the brand has endeared itself to pizza fans. As pizza fans want more, Digiorno continues to deliver.

Like many families, Friday is pizza night in our house. After a long, sometimes very long, week, a hot, cheesy pizza just seems to hit the spot. Even though everyone agrees on pizza, not everyone agrees on toppings. Having a couple of frozen pizzas, various types, on hand keeps the sibling bickering at bay.

In many cases, Digiorno is the pizza that finds its way to the oven. The variety of toppings, styles and flavors makes this frozen pizza brand a popular choice in our household. From traditional toppings to creative combinations, everyone can have a pizza all to themselves (yes, my kids eat a lot).

Even though everyone has their favorites, Digiorno is always looking to do more, be better and deliver on its promise to offer the best pizza. The new Digiorno Stacked Toppings offers even more toppings on its Rising Crust Pizza.


The new Digiorno Stacked Toppings pizzas come in three varieties, BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Meat Lovers and Piled High Pepperoni. These pizzas offer between 25-50% more toppings per pizza. Basically, the ratio of toppings to crust is heavy on the topping. For the topping lovers, these pizzas are for you.

While the Meat Lovers and the Piled High Pepperoni options will appeal to traditional pizza fans, the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger pizza will appeal to the food-mash-up crowd. In some ways, this pizza will offer all the cheeseburger goodness without the need to light the grill.

Personally, this new pizza flavor holds a lot of appeal because it is basically eating a cheeseburger in a new way. While the pizza on its own would be tasty, anyone could customize it to make it even more delicious. From adding some sliced tomatoes to extra pickles, just think about the flavor combinations that you could have.

This latest flavor innovation is just another example that Digiorno is always looking to innovate and expand. While never losing sight of what makes the pizza popular, the company never stays stagnant. It makes fans want to explore flavor.

The new Digiorno Stacked Toppings pizzas will be hitting store shelves. Check with your retailer for availability.

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Are you ready to upgrade your pizza night with even more toppings? Digiorno Pizza is delivering from your oven to the table.