Outsiders Pizza: Celebrating under-respected regional pizza styles


Regional pizzas are finally getting their due. Outsiders Pizza celebrates these delicious pizza styles that everyone across the nation needs to discover.

Pizza, both styles and toppings, can create some spirited debates. Outsiders Pizza, national frozen pizza company, a  wants to give those less celebrated pizza styles their celebratory moment. Sure, NY Style, deep dish and even the contentious flat bread all have a place in the pizza conversation. But, these pizzas aren’t the only pies that can come out of a pizza oven. Aren’t you ready to think your pizza slice?

Outsiders Pizza wants people to discover that there is more to pizza than traditional pizza slice. While some regional styles of pizza are well known, other regions are less celebrated. These pizza styles deserve some recognition outside of their hometowns fans.

The founders of the Outsiders started with a simple idea, to bring great regional pizza to a wider audience. After traveling and eating tons of pizza, they “developed an insatiable craving for lesser-known regional pizza styles from places that reminded us of our Midwestern hometowns.” From that idea, the two styles, Detroit and Milwaukee pizzas were born.

These two pizza styles reflect their regional namesakes. Both styles have stories that reflect the city in which they were created. The pizza isn’t about trends or crazy toppings. It is about delicious tasting pizza with a strong story.

For example, Detroit pizza is said to be created “by Detroit autoworkers who used deep industrial pans as cooking equipment.” The pizza crust takes on a thick, yet light and airy texture, which is from the pans. Also, the pizza has Wisconsin brick cheese which adds a caramelization to the crust. One taste and you might forget about that traditional hand tossed crust.

The Detroit pizza comes in three flavors, BBQ Recipe Pulled Pork + Bacon, Genoa Salami + Brick Cheese, Three Cheese. I would definitely recommend the Genoa Salami + Brick Cheese. The combination of flavors is authentic and gives a real sense of what Detroit pizza offers.

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In addition to the Detroit style pizza, Outsiders offers Milwaukee style pizza, which is quite the opposite of Detroit’s thicker crust. A Milwaukee style pizza is incredibly thin, almost cracker like crust. Although it is thin, the crust is buttery and crispy. With thick-shredded mozzarella, this pizza is perfect for sharing with friends and enjoying a cold beer.

Even though this pizza is round, it is best enjoyed cut into squares. Think of this regional pizza style like a party pizza. Cut up the pizza, put it on the table, grab a beer and watch the game. The Milwaukee pizzas come in three flavors, Pepperoni, Spicy Sausage + Cheese Curds, Three Cheese.

Looking specifically at one of the Milwaukee pizza options, sausage and cheese curds, this particular one is a definite nod to a classic Wisconsin food. While the squeaky cheese might lose a little squeak when heated, a cheese curd is a huge punch of flavor. The topping combination is definitely a homage to two Midwestern favorites.

Outsiders Pizza is available in the frozen food aisle at various retailers. Currently, the brand offers both the Detroit and Milwaukee style of pizza. Additional regional pizzas could be added in the future.

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Are you ready to rethink your pizza slice? Give the under-respected regional pizza styles the moment in pizza glory. Try an Outsiders Pizza today, you might have a new favorite pizza for pizza night.