America’s favorite hamburger condiment will surprise you


As summer grilling season begins and National Burger Day approaches, can you guess America’s favorite hamburger condiment?

What is your favorite hamburger condiment? Whether you are celebrating National Burger Day or just getting ready for summer grilling season, a hamburger isn’t complete without the must have condiments. America’s favorite burger topping just might surprise you.

Recently, Grubhub surveyed various burger orders and found some very interesting statistics. From toppings to types of burgers, a change is coming to people’s burger preferences.

The popularity and the availability of plant-based alternatives continue to rise. From Impossible Burger to black bean burgers, sometimes people just want a flexitarian option.

In addition to the growing popularity of plant based alternative proteins, America’s choice of condiments and toppings has deviated a little from the classics. Looking specifically at condiments, ketchup is usually considered a top choice.

But, Grubhub found that mayonnaise is America’s favorite hamburger condiment. While ketchup was second, mayo takes the top spot. Who knew that mayo would be crowned king.

It is a little curious that mayo earns the favorite position. Maybe people want extra flavor to a burger, which mayo can provide. Also, it can help make that dreaded overcooked burger more palatable.

Looking at the other survey findings, it is quite interesting that pickles were America’s favorite traditional topping. A quick peek at any social media feed will show that pickles are everywhere. From pickled flavored foods to pickles as bread substitutes, the love of pickles is clear.

The most expected finding from the survey is that American cheese is the most popular cheese for a burger. While other more flavorful cheeses did make the list, the traditional, approachable American cheese was still the most popular.

The American cheese choice could just be circumstance. In some cases, restaurants have limited cheese choices. Also, some people might prefer to experiment with more flavorful toppings than varying the cheese choices. No matter the reason, American cheese reigns supreme.

While these Grubhub findings show what America prefers on their orders, the at-home burgers could vary. Personally, the burgers on my grill feature a smoky Gouda, Bison meat and a gochujang ketchup, but my family isn’t typical, either.

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Do you agree with America’s favorite burger condiment choice? What’s your favorite burger recipe?