Get cooking with Toy Story 4 thanks to Pampered Chef


While Bonnie might have made Forky in Toy Story 4, Pampered Chef has a line of Toy Story 4 inspired kitchen tools that will inspire your family to get cooking.

Ready to get cooking with Toy Story 4? Pampered Chef has launched a line of Disney Pixar inspired kitchen tools ahead of the highly anticipated movie. Could these cute kitchen tools create a love of cooking for the whole family?

Parents are always looking for ways to get kids to be interested in eating well and loving all types of food. It is believed that when kids become part of the cooking process that they are invested in the meal and willing to be more food adventurous.

The Pampered Chef Toy Story 4 inspired kitchen tools include pancake molds and stencils, a Hamm pancake flipper and a Forky scrapper. The pancake molds include an alien, Woody and Buzz. Each item can be purchased separately or the entire breakfast set is $45.

Thinking about these kitchen tools, it can be a fun to get the kids helping with breakfast. Wouldn’t your kids want to eat their pancakes if they looked like their favorite characters?

Pampered Chef Toy Story 4 Breakfast Set, photo provided by Pampered Chef

Additionally, the molds and stencils can help add some creativity in the kitchen. While the stencils give the shape, the kids can add their personality to the characters. Maybe their alien has just two eyes instead of three.

More importantly, it can be a great way to get the kids to add some fruits to their pancakes. Lots of fruits can be used as the aliens’ eyes or some raisins for Woody’s hat. In a way, it makes playing with your food approved.

Since parents are always looking for ways to get kids to eat well, the fun Toy Story characters can be a step in the right direction. Just because these are breakfast related kitchen tools doesn’t mean that they can’t be repurposed for other uses. Think about adding a Woody face to that breakfast bowl or morning smoothie.

The Toy Story 4 Pampered Chef products are available on the company’s website now.

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Are you ready to get cooking as a family? What inspired your family to cook together?