The great Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge debate: Blue or Green Milk?


Star Wars fans around the galaxy are getting their first taste of the iconic Blue and Green Milk from the saga. Which one is the better drink?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open at Disneyland Park. One of the major highlights fans have been looking forward to is trying out the infamous Blue and Green Milk pulled right from the movies and being sold inside the new land.

Guests can find Blue and Green Milk at the Milk Stand near Oga’s Cantina and First Order Cargo. The small counter is serving guests their choice of Blue or Green milk, which isn’t actually milk at all.

The drinks  are made with a combination of rice and coconut milks, making it completely vegan so more people can enjoy it. The consistency isn’t that of milk either, but more of a milkshake or slushy drink.

Both Blue and Green Milk have surprisingly familiar flavors though it was hard for us to put our finger on exactly what we were tasting. According to Disney, Blue Milk is meant to taste like a combination of pineapple, dragon fruit, lime and watermelon for a more tropical taste. We definitely picked up on the tropical notes but weren’t able to distinguish individual flavors.

Green Milk has mandarin orange, passion fruit, grapefruit and orange blossom flavors. We could taste all of the bright citrus in the drink.

Overall, Blue and Green Milk were a fun addition to the Disney Parks food and beverage line-up. Star Wars fans from across the galaxy will love being able to taste the iconic beverage. Blue and Green Milk are more of a novelty and something we see most people getting once or twice before getting the better drinks over at Oga’s Cantina or Ronto Roasters.

You can purchase Blue or Green Milk from The Milk Stand for $8, now open at Disneyland and opening August 29 at Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Let us know in the comments if you would rather have Blue or Green Milk to live out your Star Wars story!