GOAL! World Cup cocktails to toast Team USA


As Team USA competes in the World Cup, why not shake up one of these World Cup cocktails to toast every goal and victory.

It is time to show your patriotic pride with some World Cup cocktails. With Team USA competing in the World Cup, these cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate the talented women playing their hearts out. Which cocktail will you shake up first?

Right now, SVEDKA has a limited edition party bottle that is has some patriotic inspiration. The red, white and blue party bottle is perfect for a World Cup watching party or upcoming Fourth of July celebration.

Just like the bottle, these cocktails are fun for either a World Cup watching party, Fourth of July party or even just a summer gathering. The red, white and blue theme is carried through in the color.

More importantly, each cocktail features some bright, fruit forward flavors that are delightful on a hot summer day. Each sip is meant to be refreshing, easily paired with various foods and absolutely delightful.

Here are two World Cup Cocktails Team USA to victory.

SVEDKA American Dream Punch, photo provided by SVEDKA

SVEDKA American Dream Punch

Having a go-to, easy punch recipe is a must. This World Cup, patriotic inspired punch recipe is perfect. The play between sweet and tart offers a refreshing balance.

Also, the fresh fruit and mint is lovely on a hot day. To release the natural oils from the mint, remember to slap it before garnishing.

If you are looking to pair this cocktail with a meal, considered some grilled chicken and a pasta salad. Or, it could even stand up to a little spicy kick, like a mild spicy shrimp dish.

Here’s how to make SVEDKA American Dream Punch.

"SVEDKA American Dream PunchIngredients2 parts SVEDKA Vodka½ part Orange Curacao½ part simple syrup1 part fresh lime juiceDash grenadineInstructions:Combine ingredients in a pitcher and top with ice. Garnish with blackberries and mint."

SVEDKA Red, White and Boom

Looking to put a little spark in your cheering section? This cocktail is simple yet packs a big punch of flavor.

Similar to the other cocktail, this cocktail uses some delicious fresh fruit. The fresh strawberries and blueberries add both flavor and color. Plus, don’t you feel better when you know that you’re eating your fruit with your cocktail?

With the lemonade in this cocktail, a big, juicy burger is a great pairing option. The richness of the burger can be balanced with the brightness from the cocktail.

Here’s how to make SVEDKA Red, White and Boom.

"SVEDKA Red, White and BoomIngredients1 ¾ parts SVEDKA Vodka½ triple sec¾ lemonade1 part cranberry juice1 part fresh lime juiceInstructions:Combine all ingredients in a pitcher with plenty of room for ice. To begin, add 5-6 cups of ice and stir. Garnish with strawberries and blueberries. As the party grows, keep adding ice and fruit."

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Are you watching Team USA take on the world in this year’s World Cup? Which cocktail will you shake up to celebrate their victory?