Are you serving dad what he really wants to eat on Father’s Day?


Father’s Day is almost here and dad deserves to be king of the castle. But, will his feast have all the foods that he really wants to eat?

What’s on your Father’s Day menu? With Sunday quickly approaching, time is running out to plan that perfect Father’s Day meal. But do you know what dad really wants to eat?

When it comes to Father’s Day foods, many people think that dad wants a juicy steak, barbecue or maybe even some fried chicken. In reality, some of dad’s top choices are far from those perceived popular favorites.

According to a GrubHub survey, the top foods ordered on Father’s Day are not those assumed dad-favorite items. GrubHub found that the most popular food ordered on Father’s Day last year was a lobster roll.

Now, a great lobster roll is absolutely delicious, but it doesn’t fall into that “assumed” dad list. It could be that this menu item is something special, delicious and maybe a little indulgent. Do you really eat lobster rolls often?

Also, it could be that lobster rolls and summertime are a popular combination. Whether sitting by the beach or even just creating a beach-side vibe at home, the perfect bun overflowing with pieces of lobster is the ultimate summer indulgence.

Other top Father’s Day food items ordered were BBQ salad, lamb shish kabob, polish kielbasa sausage and Thai sausage fried rice. Other than the polish kielbasa sausage, these menu items seem a little less typical. Maybe dads are looking to push the foodie boundaries.

While these top choices are intriguing, another fun fact really stood out. In search term trends, vegan dishes were very popular last Father’s Day. It seems that vegan (and possibility flexitarian) dishes are now part of the standard, versus the special. Plus, more and more vegan options are creative, delicious and very satisfying.

Before you finishing planning your Father’s Day menu, why not ask the man you’re celebrating what he wants to eat. Why serve him a big juicy steak when all he wants is some fish tacos.

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What is on your Father’s Day menu? Do you have any special food traditions for your celebration?