From Doritos Incognito to Ruffles Ridge LX2 sneakers food fashion is everywhere


For foodies, food fashion is speaking volumes. From the Doritos Incognito to the Ruffles Ridge sneakers, people are wearing their food passions.

Food fashion is taking over your closet, Instagram feed and world. Foodies are wanting to showcase their love of their favorite snacks, food trends and passions. In a world that is far from boring and bland, food companies are branching out beyond the grocery store.

Just this week, several companies have showcased intriguing ways that food and fashion lines blurred. Why just enjoy food on your table when you showcase through fashion how much you love particular foods.

For example, Doritos launched its Doritos Incognito. The “revolutionary Incognito Doritos chip bags” conceal the full-size Spider-Man suit. While this promotional item is part of the Doritos and Spider-Man: Far From Home collaboration, this idea is quite clever.

While not everyone can be Peter Parker, you could win (both via a social media giveaway and a charitable auction on eBay) one of the Doritos Incognito bags. Just think about the travel and packing convenience. Spidey-senses not included.

If superheroes aren’t your thing, Ruffles leveraged its collaboration with basketball via the Ruffles Ridge LX2 sneakers. Partnering with Anthony Davis, the brand showcased a special sneaker. Apparently, this offering is the first of many promotions.

These type of food fashion offerings have been popping up more and more. Earlier this summer Cheetos launched a summer collection with Forever 21. Flamin’ Hot fans scooped up these hot fashions.

In a way, these type of offerings show that food is a huge part of pop culture. From scoring the must have, limited edition chip to searching the shelves for the hot new soda, everyone wants to be part of the “it” thing. It makes sense that food fashion would fall into this cultural moment.

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Are you part of the food fashion movement? What foodie related items are in your closet?