Baby Got Mac: The Great Food Truck Race team with a passion for food memories


Have you been watching The Great Food Truck Race? Baby Got Mac has made a big impression with some impressive mac and cheese creations.

While Season 10 of The Great Food Truck Race has just started rolling, Baby Got Mac has found a way to impress with its dishes. After winning two challenges so far this season, the Southern Californian team is looking to go the distance.

Recently, FoodSided had the opportunity to chat with the husband and wife team behind Baby Got Mac. Clinton and Samantha Jones have over 17 years of experience and balance each other in the kitchen. The biggest takeaway from our conversation was that this duo is enthusiastic about creating delicious, memorable food.

While The Great Food Truck Race Season 10 is still early in the competition, Baby Got Mac has made an impression. After overcoming a few mechanical and prep issues, the team has found a grove.

Looking at last week’s challenge, their use of boiling peanuts was smart. Not only did the peanuts add a depth of flavor, the textural element added to the sanctification. In a way, this type of dish epitomizes what this team is all about.

Baby Got Mac builds on the familiar and has fun with food. Clinton said, “everybody has foods that when they eat them it’s like that reminds me of my mom.” In many cases, these dishes build on that familiarity. It isn’t about “complicated food and fine dining.”

The purpose of their food is to create a dish that people “just want to eat food enjoy it and have it bring back memories that make them feel good inside.” That statement is quite profound.

Food memories run deep. Whether it is an aroma that instantly transports people back to childhood or a taste that is forever etched into a memory, food is an integral part of people’s lives. When a chef (in this case food truck) can blend those memories with a little fun, it is a special combination.

The key to Baby Got Mac’s success is that they are having fun. They said, we are “children of the 90s” and “90s are way better than the things that are happening in the world today.” Doesn’t everyone deserve a little jolt of fun, especially with their food?

Even though they are having fun, the food is still on point. The team’s food knowledge and culinary creativity is beyond impressive. Using mac and cheese as the medium to create both food memories and a connection to community is smart.

Clinton said, “these foods that remind people of their childhood and turn that into a mac and cheese.” For example, he can take the flavors of a classic Chicago deep dish pizza and adapt it to mac and cheese. The presentation might be different, but the flavors and the feelings that the food conveys is the same.

That type of attitude shows that this team is looking to create a relationship with its customers. Currently, they ask people about their home state and they create a mac and cheese dish based on their location. For example, Clinton said, “if they were to tell me they were from the Philadelphia area we have a story cheesesteak mac and cheese that has all those flavors turned into a mac and cheese.”

Given the parameters of The Great Food Truck Race competition, this knowledge should serve them well. The Food Network show is part creativity, part selling and part personality. All those factors are necessary to earn top billing.

Looking at the episodes that aired already, the team is smart with their dishes and pricing. The combo meal is smart from both a business and a customer aspect. They said, “we want everybody to be as happy as possible so we’re going to we’re going to do as much for you as possible.”

That type of attitude will serve this team well far beyond the Food Network competition. The drive and passion for their culinary dreams has and will continue to fuel their success.

While the outcome of Season 10 of The Great Food Truck Race has not been revealed, Baby Got Mac food truck is still in the running. If you are located in Southern California, Clever Foodies (owned and operated by Clinton and Samantha Jones) offers a variety of catering options.

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Are you a fan of Baby Got Mac? Do you think that they could win this season of The Great Food Truck Race?