Circulon Total Toaster Oven Bakeware offers versatility consumers want


Consumers are always looking for versatility, convenience and affordability. The new Circulon Total Toaster Oven Bakeware delivers those traits.

Have you seen the new Circulon Total Toaster Over Bakeware? The new line expansion from the trusted, iconic Circulon housewares brand answers a specific need to a growing market. Made specifically for countertop toaster ovens, this bakeware could make you forget about that full-size oven.

Over the years, the countertop toaster oven market has expanded. The multi-function, multi-use countertop ovens have become popular with all demographics. From the families who want convenience to people who are downsizing to millennials with minimal space, everyone seems to have one of these small appliances.

Additionally, these appliances are offering more functionality. Instead of just toast, these countertop ovens can go from making homemade pizza to roasting a chicken. In a way, it can do almost anything that a regular oven can do.

With the growing popularity of these small appliances, Circulon is filling the need for quality bakeware to enhance the countertop oven cooking experience. This new line offers a 4-piece set and a 2-piece set. The 4-piece set includes an oven tray, small roasting pan, perforated round pizza pan and a wire rack. The 2-set has the oven tray and roasting pan.

This line expansion adapts to how people are cooking today. From convenience to even small portions, this bakeware fills a need. Since Circulon is a brand that consumers trust, they know that this bakeware will perform well.

In addition to this line, Circulon is expanding its color story with Circulon Merlot Bakeware. After the success of the Symmetry Merlot Cookware, this color joins the existing colors of gray and chocolate.

While the color is new, the signature raised circles baking surface remains the same. The premium non-stick finish ensures that food releases easily and makes clean-up a breeze. Plus, with the brand’s Hassle-Free Lifetime Guarantee, it is a brand that everyone has learned to trust.

The Circulon Total Toaster Oven Bakeware will be in stores staring in October. The Merlot Bakeware will be available starting in July.

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