Casual sophistication, Ayesha Curry launches Ayesha Curry Home Collection with Meyer


Bringing the family back to the kitchen, the Ayesha Curry Home Collection by Meyer offers casual sophistication that is effortless and fun.

Sparking a love of cooking and bringing the family around the table isn’t a new concept. But, more and more people are drawn to the kitchen, home entertaining and gathering around the table. The new Ayesha Curry Home Collection from Meyer offers the casual sophistication that Ayesha Curry conveys to her fans.

Ayesha Curry Showcases her new Home Collection Porcelain Enamel Cookware in Twilight Teal. (PRNewsfoto/Meyer U.S.)

At IHHS 2017, Meyer announced its partnership with Ayesha Curry. While specifics about the line were limited, fans of both Curry and Meyer were excited about the brand partnership. Expanding its celebrity partnership with Curry cultivates a younger audience for the housewares giant. This new line blends chic, yet casual elegance in the home. It embodies Curry’s persona that her fans would like to emulate.

Ayesha Curry launches Ayesha Curry Home Collection with Meyer, photo provided by Meyer

According to Curry, the Ayesha Curry Home Collection hopes to “give people that spark they need to get in the kitchen and try something new.” With this line, home cooks can find that cooking at home is “effortless and fun.” Available nationwide, the Curry line includes “cookware, bakeware, stoneware, cast iron, cutlery, pantryware, and kitchen tools and gadgets.”

Ayesha Curry launches Ayesha Curry Home Collection with Meyer, photo provided by Meyer

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This housewares line incorporates Curry’s signature style in small touches. For example, the heart Curry uses in her signature is featured throughout the line. The adorable spatulas and other kitchen tools feature that signature heart. These little details add warmth and style to the typical kitchen tool. Without being over-embellished, the small touch complements the idea of kitchen as the heart of the home.

Much of Curry’s line shows inspiration from years of family cooking. Many cooks know a cast iron pan is a must in the kitchen. This line offers several options of the classic pan. Incorporating the line’s signature colors, these cast iron pans blend the functionality and style that the younger cooks seek. No need to hide the pan in the cabinet, these pans are ready to be displayed and put into good use.

Ayesha Curry launches Ayesha Curry Home Collection with Meyer, photo provided by Meyer

While the line is extremely functional, the fun of cooking is always present. Anyone who cooks with bacon (who doesn’t love bacon), knows that bacon grease shouldn’t go down the drain. Curry’s ceramic Bacon Grease contain is the epitome of fun and function.

Available in several colors, this kitchenware is reminiscent of something your grandma would have in her kitchen. But, the classic reference is stylish with its sophisticated colors and adorable little pig. Who wouldn’t want to cook more bacon with this kitchenware on the counter?

With such a diverse line, the Ayesha Curry Home Collection can seamless work into anyone’s kitchen. From the innovative bakeware to the cookware collections, these pieces can encourage even the newest cooks to experiment in the kitchen. At home cooking can and is enjoyable. The memories in the kitchen are just as much about the delicious food as the experience making it.

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Ayesha Curry Home Collection is available nationwide at various retailers.

Bring yourself and your family into the kitchen. Let the casual sophistication of Ayesha Curry Home Collection reignite your love of cooking. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home.