Food Network recommends these 4 delicious side dishes for 4th of July


Is your 4th of July menu set? Food Network recommends these four delicious side dishes that are perfect for any summer gathering.

The 4th of July is huge food extravaganza. Food Network, both food TV and digital programs, is the go-to authority on some of the most delicious side dishes that are perfect for any gathering. Are you ready to impress your guests?

According to the Food Network, Americans plan to spend at least $100 on food, drinks and décor for the holiday festivities. While the fireworks might be in the sky, the food on the table needs to be equally as impressive.

With almost half of all Americans either hosting or attending a barbecue, the food brings everyone to the table. Through their research, the Food Network found that people are craving more traditional food choices, like burgers, this year.

Although burgers are a preferred choice over hot dogs, the survey doesn’t clarify the type of burgers. With so many options for the grill (plant-based burgers, turkey burgers, etc.), the variety could be driving people’s preferences for burgers.

Still, while the main dish gets prime space on the dinner plate, the delicious side dishes can sometimes steal the show. In many cases, the side dishes are more important that the entrée. Who hasn’t filled their plate with extra potato salad, pasta salad and other tempting dishes?

Although grandma’s secret recipe might be a family tradition, more and more people are looking to expand their food choices. From new flavor profiles to nutritionally dense recipes, sometimes the traditional recipes need to share space with the new dishes.

Recently, The Kitchen shared some creative, easy and delicious side dishes that are perfect for a 4th of July party, summer barbecue or any gathering. Here are the recommendations.

Shoestring Carrot Fries

Leaving fries off the menu leads to a boring celebration. These carrot fries offer all the crunch and satisfaction of a fry but have the boost of eating an extra veggie serving.

The addition of the orange zest and mint offer a lovely refreshing balance to the sweetness of the carrots. While this recipe doesn’t share a dipping sauce, it may not need one.

If the kids have to have a condiment with these carrot fries, consider something a little out of the box. Maybe a simple aioli could do the trick.

Grilled Avocado Stuffed with Black Bean Salsa, photo provided by Food Network

Grilled Avocado Stuffed with Black Bean Salsa

Who isn’t eating avocados? This version grilled the avocado to add a little depth of flavor from the char.

By combining that grilled flavor with the brightness from the salsa offers a totally satisfying bite. Plus, the black beans add a boost of protein to make this side dish almost a meal to itself.

Lastly, it only takes a couple of minutes to make this dish. Why not throw a few avocados on the grill while you’re cooking all those burgers.

Creamy Greek Orzo Salad with Crispy Chickpeas

Pasta salads are popular side dishes at summer parties. This version eats more like a bowl than a traditional side dish.

The big kick of flavor comes from the za’atar on the chickpeas. The Middle Eastern spice definitely adds the umami to this dish.

If your guests are a little apprehensive on the spice, tell them that the recipe includes a creamy Greek yogurt ranch dressing. Who doesn’t love ranch?

Apple Slaw with Jalapeno Dressing

Traditional coleslaw will take a back seat to this spicy, pickle version. While the crunch offers huge satisfaction, the pickled jalapenos will have all the guests enjoying a second helping.

While this slaw has a pickle/spicy kick, the sweetness adds to the overall balance. The addition of the golden raisins is a little unlikely, but don’t leave them out. Those little raisins re hydrate in that dressing. One of those little gems are bursting with tons of flavor.

These delicious side dishes and many more recipes can be found on and The Kitchen, which airs Saturdays at 11 a.m. on Food Network.

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What is on your 4th of July menu? Could these recipes make the final cut?