IT’SUGAR Stranger Things candy collection is the perfect binge watching snack


Summer is heating up and IT’SUGAR Stranger Things candy collection needs to be your binge watching snack as Season 3 begins on Netflix.

They are back! As Stranger Things Season 3 drops on Netflix, the newest IT’SUGAR Stranger Things candy collection rolls out in stores and online. Whether you are looking for sweet, sour or a little of both, these new candies will keep you satisfied all through Season 3.

According to the brand, this new candy collection features: “Scoops Ahoy Gummy Ice Cream Pint, Hawkins Fertilizer Edible Pellets, Camp Know Where Survival Kit, Erica’s Sugar Justice Box, Hawkins Pool Gummy Life Preserver, Dump Your Ass Chocolate Bar, Radioactive Candy Ooze, and Character lollipops.”

While FoodSided hasn’t seen Stranger Things Season 3, yet, the newest candies look like they could be taken directly out of the trailer clips. In many ways, all the candy seems to channel the summer fun that anyone can appreciate.

Justin Clinger, Design and Marketing Director at IT’SUGAR said, “As fans of the series, we worked to create an authentic and immersive line that Stranger Things devotees will appreciate.” The brand offered a Season 2 line, previously. That line included favorites like Gummy Waffles, Pollywog Gummy and more.

IT’SUGAR Stranger Things 3 candy collection, photo provided by IT’SUGAR

Looking specifically at these candies, the biggest appeal comes from the names. While candy is always fun, these binge watching snacks should work perfectly with this season’s story line. Who didn’t experience summer love and needed a chocolate bar to soothe that broken heart?

A few of the candies seem to be a little more daring, at least by their names. Radioactive Candy Ooze hopefully doesn’t leave a lasting mark. For a more tame option, it is probably best to stick to the Character lollipops.

Food and pop culture tie-ins are becoming more and more popular. Baskin-Robbins added several ice cream treats based on the popular Netflix show. Even people who may not know the Upside Down from Hawkins often want to try these foods to be part of the pop culture experience.

The new IT’SUGAR Stranger Things candy collection will be available both in stores and online starting July 4. The prices vary.

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Will you be binge watching Stranger Things Season 3? Will any of this Stranger Things candy collection be in your snack bowl?