Spider-Man is taking over your favorite foods and your Spidey senses are hungry


With Spider-Man: Far From Home hitting theaters, your favorite foods are channeling some Spidey-senses too. Who’s hungry?

A quick walk down the grocery store aisle shows that Spider-Man has taken over some of your favorite snacks. With so many tasty options, are you prepared for this web of deliciousness?

For many fans, they are always looking for ways to blend their fandom and their favorite foods. In the case of the new Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, several brands are feeling the spidey-touch. From snack time to sweet treats, it is looking full of red and blue.

Plus, many of the Spidey-themed foods have special interactive packaging. Check each of the packages for special scan codes.

Movie-inspired foods and product tie-ins are becoming more and more popular. It seems that almost every new movie has some type of food representation. From snacks to ice cream, it seems that any major release comes with a food connection.

Here are some of FoodSided’s favorite Spider-Man: Far From Home inspired foods.

Pop-Tarts Spidey Berry

Can anyone resist tasty Pop-Tarts? These berry good treats have a spidey takeover. The logo is more than decorative. If you scan the Pop-Tarts, you could learn even more about your favorite local superhero.

Spider-Man Cheez-It, photo provided by Kellogg’s


Those popular 100% real cheese snacks have become spider-ized. The classic cheese snacks have been embossed with various designs. While these snacks might not give you super-hero powers, the snacks are quite tasty.

Keebler Fudge Stripes Amazing Vanilla Cupcake

The classic Fudge Stripes cookies get both a visual and a taste makeover for Spidey. The bright red and white color is enticing. More importantly, the vanilla cupcake flavor is quite tasty. You might need to purchase a second package before they are gone.

Spider-Man Eggo Mixed Berry Marvel, photo provided by Kellogg’s

Spider-Man Eggo Mixed Berry Marvel Waffles

Breakfast is looking a little spidey-tastic. These web-shaped waffles are tasty and look awesome. Just think of the breakfast fun that you can have. A little sugar drizzle could like the ultimate spider web.


Doritos is featured in the movie and special packages have already hit store shelves. Who knew that Doritos are the ultimate snack chip for spidey-travel?

Dr. Pepper

As part of the Dark Berry limited flavor release, Dr. Pepper included a Spider-Man connection. While the flavor didn’t change, the packaging shows the super hero and it offers movie ticket promotions.

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Have you seen any of these Spider-Man themed foods? Which ones will you purchase before seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home?