Toast to the red, white and blue: Cheers to patriotic cocktails


Celebrating the 4th of July, throwing a summer party or just want to add some color to your cocktail, these patriotic cocktails celebrate the red, white and blue.

Red, white and blue, patriotic cocktails are a festive way to celebrate all summer long. While the colors might follow a particular theme, the flavors, combinations and ingredients vary. Whether you prefer something sweet, tart or even a touch savory, there is a cocktail for everyone.

Sometimes when throwing a party or having a celebration, a themed cocktail can be a great choice. Even if your customary beverage is a beer or wine, one of these themed cocktails can be a fun break from the norm.

Since there are so many types of patriotic cocktails, themed cocktails and celebratory cocktails, a few visually stunning and extremely refreshing celebratory cocktails make any gathering festive and fun.

Here’s FoodSided’s favorite red, white and blue patriotic cocktails.

Stars and Stripes

As the song reaches it crescendo and the fireworks delight, the Stars and Stripes waves proudly. Why not raise a glass of this themed cocktail.

Created by and made with KEEL, the carb, gluten and sugar free vodka, this cocktail is light, refreshing and doesn’t make you feel guilty when you raise a second glass.

Here’s how to make Stars and Stripes by KEEL.

Stars and Stripes, photo provided by KEEL Vodka

"Stars & StripesIngredients:• 2 oz KEEL Vodka• 1 oz blood orange juice• .5 oz hibiscus syrupMethod:• Pour all ingredients over a glass of crushed ice.• Garnish with blueberries and strawberries"

American Dream

As everyone celebrated the 4th of July, many people reflect on the American Dream. In this cocktail, served at Miami’s Casa Tua Cucina, the gin cocktail is quite elevated. While there are several steps to this exquisite beverage, it is definitely worth the time and effort to create.

Here’s how to create the American Dream.

American Dream, photo provided by Casa Tua Cucina at Saks Brickell City Centre

"American DreamIngredients:• 2 oz. Blue Lavender Infused Gin• 2 oz. Raspberry Sour Foam• 1 oz. Lemon Juice• 1 oz. Simple Syrup• 1 Mint LeafPreparation:Blue base:– infuse the gin with dock anchan flower and dry lavender, add 1 oz of fresh lime juice and 1 oz of simple syrup, shake vigorously and poor on wine glass over ice.Raspberry foam:– fill the siphon with fresh strained raspberry juice, 2 egg white, 1 oz simple syrup. Charge the siphon with 1 cream charges.Spray in the glassFinish:-Decorate with fresh mint leaf"

Red, White, and Berry Coconut Lemonade

Sometimes the classic flavors are the perfect cocktail to serve for a celebratory occasion. This lemonade gets a refreshing boost from coconut water. The tartness from the lemonade combined with the coconut water is perfect on a hot day.

Red, White Berry Coconut Lemonade, photo provided by Smirnoff

Here how to make Red, White, and Berry Coconut Lemonade.

"Red, White, and Berry Coconut Lemonade (Serves 7-8) – Courtesy of Karly Gomez, A Simple PantryIngredients:• 2 cups Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry Vodka• 3 cups fresh lemonade• 2 cups coconut water• Fresh lemons, blueberries, and strawberries, for garnishIn a large pitcher, combine the Smirnoff Vodka, lemonade, and coconut water and stir gently. Add fresh fruit as desired, then refrigerate for 1 hour to allow flavors to combine. Serve over ice and enjoy responsibly."


Continuing with the coconut water idea, this simple, very simple cocktail is perfect for a party. It takes minimal effort but it delightful. With a little fresh fruit on top, you can save those extra calories for a dessert or extra serving of your favorite side dish.
Here’s how to make Independence.

"IndependenceIngredients:• 1.5 oz KEEL Vodka• 1 oz of your favorite coconut water• Garnish with freedomMethod:In a rocks glass fill with ice and combine all ingredients together and enjoy!"

The combination of sweet and tart is perfectly refreshing on a hot, summer day. This three ingredient cocktail is perfect for a big gathering. With one batch making 8-10 servings, you won’t be stuck behind the bar all day.

Red, White, Berry Limeade photo provided by Smirnoff

Here how to make Red, White & Berry Limeade

"Red, White & Berry Limeade (Serves 8-10) – Courtesy of Karly Gomez, A Simple PantryIngredients:• 1 cup Smirnoff Red, White, & Berry or Smirnoff No. 21• 1 cup black raspberry liqueur• 3 cups limeadeMethod:In a large pitcher, combine the Smirnoff, black raspberry liqueur, and limeade. Chill until cold, then serve over ice with blueberries, raspberries, and apple stars for a patriotic twist."

Red Rum Punch

Who doesn’t love a good punch at a party? This colorful punch packs quite a punch. While each sip is tasty and sweet, remember to hydrate in between each cocktail. You don’t want the sun to bake you as red as your cocktail.

Red Rum Punch, photo provided by Bacardi

Here’s how to make Red Rum Punch.

"Red Rum PunchIngredients:• ¾ parts BACARDÍ Limon• ¾ parts BACARDÍ Raspberry• ¾ parts BACARDÍ Superior• ½ parts Grenadine• 2 parts Sweet & Sour• 1 parts Cranberry Juice• Garnish with Lemon Wedge or MintMethod:Pour all ingredients into a punch bowl that is filled with ice blocks. Stir. Garnish the bowl with lemon wheels and raspberries."

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Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July, throwing a summer party or just want a colorful cocktail, these red, white and blue cocktails are perfect for any occasion.

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