6 avocado dishes that we just don’t understand why people order


Avocado dishes can be more than just avocado toast or guacamole on your tasty taco, but these particular avocado orders have us perplexed.

What are the most unusual avocado dishes? Avocados seem to have taken over restaurant menus with a fervor. While the still popular avocado toast seems to have become a staple, other recipes and menu items are looking to push the boundaries of this super food.

With National Avocado Day approaching, Grubhub examined its orders and found some interesting data on everything avocado. It seems that more and more people are ordering, adding and eating the super fruit. While some data was expected, a few findings were quite intriguing.

First, did you know that New York saw more orders of avocado than California? It seems that the East Coast loves that super fruit. Whether the healthy fat topped a salad or was a condiment, East Coasters have spoken loudly that they love avocado.

In a way, the increase popularity of the avocado comes with different diet trends. Keto diet followers love their avocados. These diets have helped to push the boundaries of avocado recipes. Have you cooked an egg inside an avocado?

Microplane’s Avocado tool, photo provided by Mircoplane

Still, there are a few dishes from the Grubhub survey that are slightly perplexing. While FoodSided is always up to taste anything, these avocado dishes had us wondering should we try them

According to Grubhub, the six quirkiest orders were “avocado pancakes, Blue cheese & avocado wedge, waffle and avocado, raw walnut, sunflower and guac pate, avocado affogato and avocado ice cream sundae.

First, a blue cheese and avocado wedge isn’t too far out of anyone’s comfort zone. In some ways, the avocado might be a better nutritional choices that plain, ice berg lettuce.

The avocado pancakes are slightly more adventurous. If the avocado is mixed into the batter, the pancakes might have a different consistency. Avocado works well in some baking recipes. This menu item might be worth a try. But, be cautious on the toppings for these avocado pancakes.

Also, the waffle and avocado can be a good choice. The waffle should probably have some savory characteristics. For example, a corn waffle would be a nice contrast to the waffle. Like, the pancakes be considerate with the toppings.

While an avocado ice cream can be tasty, the avocado affogato is quite unusual. Traditionally, an affogato is ice cream with hot espresso poured over it. Let’s hope that this dish is avocado ice cream drowned in espresso. An avocado with espresso poured over it might be for the truly adventurous.

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