Cooking breakfast is quick and easy with Anolon Divided Skillet


Cooking breakfast doesn’t have to involve multiple pans anymore. With the Anolon Divided Skillet, one pan get breakfast on the table quickly.

Why does cooking breakfast have to entail multiple pans? The Anolon Divided Skillet is the ultimate one pan wonder. Are you ready to have breakfast in a jiffy?

Like many families, breakfast can be a chaotic mess. From running late to hungry kids, the kitchen can seem worse than a busy restaurant cook line. While grab and go food might be convenient, a heartier breakfast can help start the day right.

The down side with delicious plate of bacon and eggs is that it often requires multiple pans. If you are trying to head out the door, scrubbing multiple pans isn’t on that agenda. Plus, leaving dirty pans in the sink till later in the day is a definite don’t.

With the Anolon Divided Skillet, a one pan breakfast is easier than ever. The divided skillet means that you can cook eggs, bacon or a variety of other foods in one pan. Quick cooking and easy clean-up make this pan a must for families.

One side of this divided skillet is a flat griddle surface. Whether you are cooking scrambled eggs or even a small pancake, the Infinity Slide ensure that the food doesn’t stick to the pan.

The other side of the pan as a grill surface with high ridges. From cooking bacon to sausage, this side is perfect to get those desired grill marks.

While this Anolon pan is perfect for cooking breakfast, the pan could become your kitchen staple because it works well in any type of cooking scenario. The divided pan is great for cooking a protein on the grill side and vegetable on the griddle. The possibilities are many.

As consumers are looking for more convenience in the kitchen, this pan delivers on that requirement. The dual function characteristics make for efficient cooking, less clean-up and ease of use. When cooking is simplified, home cooks feel more confident in the kitchen.

Also, this pan appeals to people who cook smaller portions. From the college student just starting out to the older generation looking to scale back, this pan can quickly and efficient cook an entire meal in one pan.

The Anolon Advanced Home Bronze 12.5 Inch Divided Grill and Griddle Skillet is available now. It retails for $49.99.

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Would the Anolon Divided Skillet make cooking breakfast easier in your house?