DQ’s Peanut Butter Pie made with SNICKERS Blizzard is the ultimate treat


Does a Peanut Butter Pie made with SNICKERS Blizzard make your mouth water in tasty anticipation? SNICKERS is back at Dairy Queen.

SNICKERS and Dairy Queen are a perfect pair. The new Peanut Butter Pie made with SNICKERS Blizzard is going to become your new Blizzard obsession. Sorry Reese’s lovers, but you have been replaced.

The combination of the DQ signature soft serve and mix-ins is always a favorite. When that Blizzard is served upside down with its iconic red spoon, everyone knows that it is going to be a tasty treat.

While certain flavors will always be extremely popular (yes, the Oreo Blizzard is still tops), sometimes people want something new, different and more indulgent. This new SNICKERS treat is that ultimate bite.

According to Dairy Queen, the Peanut Butter Pie made with SNICKERS Blizzard features “SNICKERS pieces combined with smooth peanut butter topping, graham and creamy DQ vanilla soft serve.”

Looking at the description, it is clear that the SNICKERS flavors of caramel, chocolate, chewy nougat and roasted peanuts are familiar. This Blizzard will be calling peanut butter lovers thanks to the peanut butter topping mixed throughout. In a way, it is a huge peanut butter explosion.

New SNICKERS Blizzards at DQ, photo provided by Dairy Queen

Additionally, graham will be mixed into this Blizzard. That choice, versus a pie dough crust, is smart. The flavors and texture pair well with the SNICKERS. Overall, this frozen dessert should be a huge hit.

Since DQ was “one of the first QSR chains to combine SNICKERS® with soft serve” it will be interesting to see if future offerings include the newest SNICKERS flavors. Many guests might want to see the almond candy bars or even the expanded flavors of SNICKERS find their way to that tasty vanilla soft serve.

Truthfully, the options on Blizzard flavors seem endless. With so many mix in possibilities, it would be interesting to see how innovative DQ could become. Although something totally outrageous isn’t on brand, maybe they could find a way to make a caramel waffle flavored Blizzard now that a certain international menu item is gone.

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What do you think of the new Peanut Butter Pie made with SNICKERS Blizzard? Would you order this new Blizzard or stick with your all-time favorite?