Comfort food is better than good with O, That’s Good! Frozen Skillet Meals


Do you crave comfort food but worry about the nutrition? With O That’s Good! Frozen Skillet Meals, you can enjoy quick, tasty meals without the guilt.

Comfort food can be packed with nutrition and O That’s Good! Frozen Skillet Meals are proving that statement in a big way. The newest addition to the Oprah endorsed brand line-up shows that a few simple swaps can deliver those foods you crave.

Many people are familiar with the O, That’s Good! Line. This brand offers great tasting foods that are packed with extra veggies. It is similar to the mom who sneaks a few extra veggies in that pasta sauce. All the delicious taste is there and you never realize all the swaps.

The new Frozen Skillet Meals are going to be a great option for families. While the flavors are traditional comfort food dishes, the easy meal prep is perfect for busy families. When a dinner can go from freezer to table in 10 minutes, this product is a huge win.

While families want convenience, they understand that smart nutritional choices need to be made. Sure that take-out menu is calling, but those options might not fit into a family’s food lifestyle. Brands need to find the balance of convenience, nutrition and taste.

O That’s Good! Frozen Skillet Meals, six available options, photo provided by Kraft Heinz

Available in six flavors, “Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Margherita, Southwest Style Chicken & Penne, Italian Sausage & Rigatoni, Garlic Chicken & Potatoes and vegetarian-friendly Three Cheese Tortellini,” these options have a wide flavor appeal. The key to these meals’ success is the creative flavor choices.

For example, the Chicken Alfredo meal adds pureed cauliflower to the sauce. Since the sauce’s flavor is so robust, you will never notice that extra boost of vegetables.

The key with these frozen skillet meals is finding the right compromise between the foods that people crave and healthier ingredients. The craving for comfort foods will never go away. But, people understand that they need to make smart eating choices. These meals offer that right balance.

Looking at the six flavors, it is interesting that there is only one vegetarian option. Given the rise in vegetarian lifestyles, it would seem likely that the brand would include more choices. Also, since the line uses vegetable swaps, it would make sense that a vegetable primavera or even a vegetarian skillet lasagna option could be added to the line.

The new O, That’s Good! Frozen Skillet Meals will be available at various retailers. The suggested retail price is $6.99. These meals join other offerings including soups, frozen pizzas and more.

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What do you think of these new O, That’s Good! Frozen Skillet Meals? Which flavor do you think that your family would enjoy?