Gods of Food mockumentary, the reality in the parody escalates the humor


Serious foodies sometimes need to take a step back. The Gods of Food mockumentary takes aim at those foodie moments that deserve a good laugh.

If you are a foodie, the Gods of Food mockumentary might be the most enjoyable food series you watch in a long time. Available on the DROPOUT, a subscription-based streaming service, this six episode season covers some of the biggest food trends. In many cases, the parody almost hits a little too close to home.

The basis of this series is rather straightforward. Each episode features a particular “chef.” With commentary from industry insiders and real famous chefs, each episode takes a humorous look at what some of today’s food culture has become.

The episode topics vary from a scientifically driven chef who is focused on gadgets not necessarily the food on the plate to a farm to table chef who takes the “farm” a little too literally. Although these chefs are fictional, many foodies will see the link to real life chefs, food trends and other food shows.

If you haven’t noticed, FoodSided covers a lot of food TV, celebrity chefs and food trends. Yes, I’ve been known to try a food, visit a particular restaurant or seek out a chef because everyone was talking about. In many ways, food culture today is fascinated with being the “it” thing. Whether that concept is a good or a bad thing can be debated.

Check out this trailer for the series.

To be honest, I was given the opportunity to watch these episodes. First, if you are going to watch, please have a good sense of humor and an open mind. Remember, this series is a parody.

This series begs you to get the joke, it invites you to laugh at the situation and have a good time doing it. Yes, I laughed out loud, really laughed out loud. Periodically, would wonder which chef, restaurant or trend was contributed to the episode. I would love to hear other people’s opinion of the references.

During each episode, I found myself thinking back to the food absurdity that I have participated in and still pursue. Yes, that I’ve paid $30 for a food truck grilled cheese, but who hasn’t over paid at a food truck?

Each episode left me wanting more. Yes, this series is definitely binge worthy. More importantly, I want to know what’s the next “chef” that will be on their profile list.

In many cases, the reality of this parody really hits home. Who hasn’t gone to a molecular gastronomy restaurant and wondered did you really eat food? Or, has the farm to table movement become so cliché that it has lost its meaning?

The Gods of Food Mockumentary, episode still, photo provided by DROPOUT

Also, the commentary from other real chefs, critics and food insiders added to the inside joke. When Richard Blais comments about the gadgets and techniques in the molecular gastronomy episode, you might not be as big of a Top Chef fans as you think if you aren’t laughing hard.

Lastly, there is one commentator and one line that appears in every episode. You might have to search for it, but don’t miss it. It ties everything together.

In a way, this commentary seems to shed light on the reality of food trends and even celebrity chefs. Do people like a particular dish, restaurant or food because it is good or because it is just trendy? It might be something to think about the next time you spend $500 on a dinner that wouldn’t satisfy your two year old.

The Gods of Food mockumentary debuts on DROPOUT August 8. Rekha Shankar, CollegeHumor cast member, created, wrote and executive produced this series.

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Are you prepared to come to the table, open your mind and feast at the bounty that is The Gods of Food? If you read that line with a little smirk, a seat is waiting for you.