SodaStream goes 90s retro with a Tori Spelling partnership


Ready for some more 90s retro? SodaStream has partnered with Tori Spelling on a new Tori machine and it is totally time to ditch single use plastics.

If the Peach Pit was open today, it might need one of these new 90s retro inspired SodaStream Tori machines. In partnership with Tori Spelling, the brand is launching this new machine that brings back the style of the 90s. Can you hear the 90210 theme music in the background?

SodaStream has always been a proponent of ditching single use plastics. Before everyone skipped straws and carried water bottles, this brand lead the discussion on the environmental impact single use plastic caused.

While retro styles are in, people want to be more conscious with their choices. This new SodaStream design brings the bold, bright colors of the 90s to the in-home beverage system. Although you may not want scrunchies in your hair, you will want this machine on your kitchen counter.

The new design, the Tori machine, is made in partnership with Tori Spelling. As excitement builds over the return of BH 90210, everyone wants to recapture part of that 90s vibe. Whether you wished that you could have dinner at the Peach Pit with Dylan or longed for Donna’s wardrobe, this new SodaStream machine captures the style of that decade.

“Some of my favorite memories, trends and inspiration comes from the 90’s,” said Tori Spelling “I’m thrilled to have partnered up with SodaStream to create this stylish 90s inspired product with the higher purpose of raising awareness to the issue of single-use plastics waste.”

SodaStream Tori in partnership with Tori Spelling, photo provided by SodaStream

Everyone knows that plastic is an environmental menace. While people crave convenience, there is a better way. The excuse to allow the grab and go lifestyle ruin the planet is no longer acceptable.

By having a SodaStream at home, the ease of use makes it convenient. Whether you want a sparkling water or flavored sparkling beverage, it is ready at the push of a button.

Additionally, studies show that users drink more water than non-users. Everyone knows how important hydration is to healthy living. With this option, water never has to be boring.

The 90s limited edition Tori machine retails for $90 and it is available online.

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Why not sit back, sip a SodaStream sparkling beverage from this 90s retro design and turn on Tori Spelling in the 90120 reboot. Can you hear the theme music now?