Boxed Water: Eco-friendly convenient reason to ditch the water bottle


Why should a healthy lifestyle be detrimental to the planet? Boxed Water is the eco-friendly alternative to the disposable water bottle.

Boxed Water is ready to replace that plastic water bottle. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is more than just a lifestyle choice. According to USGS, 60% of the human body is water. While reusable water bottles are the most eco-friendly alternative, those bottles aren’t always the right choice. Luckily, there is an alternative.

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Who hasn’t grabbed water bottles when running out the door for the day? From kids’ sports to just staying hydrated, that convenience does come at a price. All the extra plastic isn’t the best for the environment, nor for people’s health. While everyone knows that recycling is part of a healthy planet, not all plastic is recyclable.

Paper, on the other hand, is more recyclable. Boxed Water, made in 100% recyclable package, is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. From the reduced shipping costs (and carbon footprint) to recyclability, this product is a better for the planet alternative.

Boxed Water: Eco-friendly convenient reason to ditch the water bottle, photo by Cristine Struble

In addition to the environmental factor, this water tastes good. Who hasn’t had water from a plastic bottle that has a funny aftertaste? That taste might not be the water itself, but the BPAs that have infiltrated the water itself. With a paper container, the pure taste of the water comes through in each sip. No funky flavors that can keep people from drinking more water.

Personally, the style of this disposable water container is fun. It reminds me of those little milk cartons that I got with my school lunch. Although this version is bigger and easier to open, the shape and style bring back some fond memories.

For the active lifestyle, this disposable water is very convenient. For example, plastic at the beach is never a good idea (know what plastic straws do to sea life?). These paper container is a better choice. Plus, the shape and size fit in a cooler easily.

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Are you ready to ditch the plastic? Grab some Boxed Water and say goodbye to the plastic water bottle. You know that it is better for you and the planet.