Crispin Pearsecco is a perfect pairing to a leisurely afternoon


Looking for some light, crisp and refreshing to sip? Crispin Pearsecco will be the can that you will want to pop open and take a sip.

Sunny days and leisurely afternoons need the perfect sip Crispin Pearsecco is that beverage. Added to the hugely successful Crispin Cider line, this version offers all the effervescent bubbles like a prosecco but with a slightly more delicate. Are you ready to pop open a can?

Throughout the warmer months, more and more people are looking for light, refreshing beverages. The sparkling beverages have seen a spike in popularity. Whether it is the warm weather, active lifestyles or something in between, bubbles are definitely in fashion.

Many people have been drawn to ciders. The flavors tend to be bright, crisp and refreshing. While sometimes apple flavored, other fruits can offer a more delicate option and more pairing variety.

The Crispin Pearsecco is less fruit forward than other Crispin flavors. Although there are floral notes, the flavor is rather subtle.

After enjoying a can (or maybe two) on a Sunday afternoon, this beverage was perfect with my traditional Sunday meat and cheese plate. Although I would suggest a slightly lighter cured meat, the pairing with some smoked Gouda, Manchego and even a little soft brie was delightful.

Crispin Pearsecco pairings, photo provided by Crispin

Even on a fall or winter day, this Pearsecco would be tasty with a warm brie with toasted nuts and figs. The beverage cuts through the dish and offers a lovely contrast.

Additionally, this beverage would be perfect with a spicy Asian noodle or even a plate of sushi. Since the flavor is so approachable, there are many, many pairing options.

Part of the appeal is the bubbles. These bubbles are very reminiscent of a prosecco. It tickles the nose and adds a little levity to each sip.

While the Pearsecco is amazing, other Crispin flavors are equally tasty. With the Crispin Cider 12-pack variety option, you can explore all the flavors.

Since rose all day is still going strong, the rose is quite floral. Unlike some other roses, this cider has some vanilla notes. In a way, that flavor opens the pairing possibilities. If you are looking to put this cider to the test, try sipping one with your favorite hamburger.

Also, the variety pack contains a Brut. This beverage is similar to a classic cider. It is definitely fruit forward with a lot of brightness. The green apple comes through in each sip.

Overall, any of these Crispin Ciders should be on your beverage discovery list. Whether you are looking for a quiet afternoon relaxing in the sun or pairing beverages with a backyard barbecue, these beverages definitely should be on the table.

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Have you tried the Crispin Pearsecco? What is your perfect food and beverage pairing?