Denny’s new menu takes a stroll down the bourbon trail


From breakfast to dinner, Denny’s new menu has guests discovering the delicious flavor of bourbon. Are you ready to take a stroll?

Denny’s new menu takes some inspiration from a classic American beverage, bourbon. Now, America’s favorite dinner showcases those rich flavors in both breakfast and dinner options. Are you ready to try one of these bourbon-infused dishes?

Recently, Denny’s has been expanding its menu choices with bigger, bolder dishes and flavors. From the sweet crepes to the hearty steak and eggs, these new offerings are exciting for guests. While traditional favorites are always on the menu, these new menu offerings give diners even more options.

Just in time for fall, the Big Bourbon Flavors menu combines both sweet and savory choices. Bourbon, a classic American drink, can bring a distinct flavor to many dishes. From the hints of vanilla in a sweet dish to the smokiness in a savory dish, it is definitely time to take a stroll down the bourbon trail.

This new bourbon infused menu features four new dishes, two sweet and two savory. The menu items include: “Apple Bourbon Pancake Breakfast, Apple Bourbon Crepe Breakfast, Bourbon Bacon Burger and Bourbon Chicken Sizzle Skillet.”

Denny's new menu item
Photo: Bourbon Chicken Sizzlin’ Skillet.. Photo Courtesy Denny’s /

Looking at the savory items, the Bourbon Chicken Sizzle Skillet is quite interesting. The skillet smothers seasoned, grilled chicken breasts with a bourbon glaze. Then, the chicken is combined with “fire roasted bell peppers, onions and mushrooms.” All of that is placed on top of “broccoli and seasoned red-skinned potatoes.”

Although I haven’t tried this dish, the menu item appears to offer a nice balance, especially with the addition of more vegetables. The glaze should be sweet, yet not over powering. Those hints of sweet should pair well with the peppers. Plus, with all the other flavors, the broccoli should be quite mellow. In a way, it is a great dish to make sure you eat some extra vegetables.

The breakfast, sweet items are equally as interesting. Combining bourbon and apples is a classic flavor pairing. With caramel and even a few walnuts, this flavor combination is perfect for the fall.

The Apple Bourbon Pancake Breakfast is a sweet and satisfying start to the day. Made with multigrain wheat pancakes and some flaxseeds, there’s a boost of nutrition with that sweetness.

Plus, these pancakes don’t need syrup because they are topped with a “creamy, caramel apple walnut bourbon sauce.” While this dish is breakfast, it almost sounds like dessert. Served with eggs, hash browns and bacon or sausage, this breakfast is definitely a hearty bite.

For another sweet start to the day, don’t miss the Apple Bourbon Crepe Breakfast. The same sauce from the pancakes is paired with the crepes and vanilla cream. If it wasn’t for the other breakfast items on the plate, this dish could be dessert, too.

While Denny’s new bourbon menu is exciting, America’s favorite diner has brought back the Super Slam, too. For just $6, you get two eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and fluffy pancakes. This meal is definitely a huge value.

All the Denny’s new menu items are available nationwide.

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Are you ready to stroll down the bourbon trail with Denny’s? Which new menu item do you want to eat?