KFC Mac and Cheese Bowls are the cheesy twist that you will crave


Ready for a cheesy twist? KFC Mac and Cheese Bowls give the KFC Famous Bowls a rich, creamy cheesy upgrade that everyone will be craving.

Need another reason to stop at KFC? The new KFC Mac and Cheese Bowls are a great reason to enjoy some of the Colonel’s fried chicken for dinner. This new menu item combines a traditional, favorite side with the finger licking good chicken. Are you hungry yet?

Mac and cheese can be both a side dish and a main dish. This comfort food is extremely popular. Whether you love grandma’s recipe with a breadcrumb topping or a quick and easy version from a blue box, mac and cheese is a classic food.

The new KFC menu item is definitely a main dish. The creamy, cheesy macaroni is topped with “crispy, popcorn chicken and sprinkled with a three-cheese blend.”

Now, spice lovers might want to bring the heat to this bowl. If spicy fried chicken is a preference, guests can add some KFC’s Nashville Hot Sauce.

Truthfully, adding a little extra heat might be a great idea. Since the cheese tempers the heat, the spice can add an additional layer of flavor and make this bowl even more enjoyable. Just be aware of your preferred spice levels. Even the creamiest, cheesiest bowl of mac n’ cheese won’t wipe out all the heat.

This new KFC menu item shows the growing popularity of bowls. Whether it is convenience or the combination of flavors, bowls are a growing food trend. From breakfast to dinner, everyone is grabbing a bowl for an easy meal.

To kick off this KFC new menu item, the brand worked with Kalen Allen of OMKalen. Fans know that he is not a fan of under-seasoned food. Check out this video.

While flavor is always important, many consumers want value. The KFC Mac and Cheese Bowls are part of the Fill-up $5 menu, which includes the bowl, a medium drink and a chocolate chip cookie. At that price, a family of four can eat for $20. Any parent would be happy with that cost, especially with a big meal that satisfies.

The KFC Mac and Cheese Bowls arrive in restaurants on August 26. The bowls will be available for a limited time.

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What do you think of this new KFC menu item? Will you try one?