One pan meals make weeknight dinners a breeze


How often do you make one pot dinners? For the busy family, this idea could be the easy weeknight dinner solution that they need.

Dinner time can be chaotic for busy families. One pot dinners can be the easy weeknight dinner solution that keeps your family away from the drive through. Whether you want to make a MasterChef level dish, a classic family recipe or a simplified dish, there is an option for everyone.

While the Instapot has become a family favorite small appliance, one pot dinners don’t have to be made in a pressure cooker. A skillet, cast iron pan or just a pot can make be the vessel for a tasty meal.

A quick search of your favorite recipe site can offer a wide variety of options. From a slow simmer pot pie to a quick sauté, there is an option for every flavor profile, every cooking ability and every day of the week.

Even MasterChef tackled the idea of a one pan dinner. Using just a cast icon pan, those home cooks showed that one pan is enough. Even Gordon Ramsay created a delicious lemon chicken pot pie in just 30 minutes.

While many people yearn to be a MasterChef, those recipes aren’t the only option. If a family is looking for an easier solution, some companies are making the process even easier. For example, Annie’s One Pot Pasta is a fast, simple solution to any weeknight dinner.

Made organic pasta, these Annie’s meals are so easy that even the kids won’t mind doing the dishes. Plus, parents appreciate all the hidden veggies in each pasta. When dinner is good for you, tasty and easy, it is a win for everyone.

Photo: Annie’s One Pot Pasta.. Photo provided by Annie’s

These new Annie’s One Pot Pastas come in three flavors, White Cheddar Broccoli Mac, Pizza Mac and Cheesy Mac. Al three flavors have wide appeal, especially to younger crowds. Maybe the kids will even ask for these dinners more than once a week.

In a way, the Pizza Mac is probably the most intriguing option. For many families, there is always one pizza night on the dinner schedule. This pasta/pizza option brings all that pizza flavor but in a different way. Maybe it could even inspire more creativity in the kitchen.

The new Annie’s One Pot Pastas will be available at major retailers later this month.

Another one pan, easy dinner is the O That’s Good Frozen Skillet Meals. Packed with tons of vegetables, this easy to make meal is a smart weeknight dinner solution.

O That’s Good! Frozen Skillet Meals, six available options, photo provided by Kraft Heinz

Plus, all the flavors are quite tasty. Whether you are looking for a bold flavor like Southwest Style Chicken and Penne or something classic like a Chicken Alfredo, these skillet meals are a definite must for any busy family.

Simply stated, one pot dinners are an easy weeknight dinner solution for any family. That dinner can be simple, elevated or something in between. This type of cooking can help you explore flavors and can be a way to add more vegetables into a family’s eating plan. Plus, there is only one pan to clean.

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What are you favorite one pot dinners? What weeknight dinner solutions have helped your family?