Kraft In Flight Relief Pack is the ultimate family travel solution


Traveling this holiday weekend? The Kraft In Flight Relief Pack is the ultimate family travel solution that will have everyone getting to their destination with less frustrations.

Does family travel cause you stress? The Kraft In Flight Relief Pack could be your must have for this week’s holiday travel. With the right tools, even the longest flights can be made more enjoyable.

Did you know that “more than 15 million passengers are expected to fly this Labor Day weekend?” Given that exuberant number, there will be some happy passengers and some less enthusiastic passengers. When families travel, being prepared can make that long flight more bearable.

From cramped quarters to boredom, flying might not be the most exciting part of any family vacation. While the “getting there” is a necessity, it is may not be the “fun” of the vacation. Still, a few smart decisions can make that flight better.

Being prepared is where Kraft wants to help parents. The Kraft In Flight Relief Pack will help kids occupied during that flight. The pack has numerous travel essentials.

For example, the pack has “Kraft String Cheese, a Kraft String Chese-o-Rama play book, a soothing eye mask, a comfortable neck pillow and headphones.” There are distractions for kids and parents. Overall, these items help to create a happy traveling family.

Boy playing on his tablet while on board an airplane, photo courtesy of Kraft

If you have a long flight planned for the holiday weekend, you could get your own Kraft In Flight Relief Pack. Simply visit and follow the instructions. Yes, you have to have confirmed travel for the holiday weekend. The first 100 qualified participants will receive this pack for their upcoming travel.

Even if you have a shorter trip or want to occupy your family during down time over the holiday weekend, the Kraft Strong Cheese-O-Rama playbook is available for download on Kraft’s website.

The idea behind this travel kit is vital for any traveler. Having a good snack and some fun distractions can make traveling more bearable. In a way, anyone can make their own version of this travel packet.

Some string cheese, a good book and a few extra portable chargers can help make that next flight a smoother one. While it might not prevent the person next to you from stealing your arm rest, it could keep you a little less frustrated.

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Do you have a great family travel tip? Could the Kraft In Flight Relief Pack be your helper over the holiday weekend?