Butterscotch Dipped Cones are coming to Dairy Queen


Happy tastes even better now that Butterscotch Dipped Cones are coming to all Dairy Queen locations. Are you hungry for a bite of nostalgia?

Dairy Queen added another delicious menu item that you will want to taste. Butterscotch Dipped Cones are coming to a location near you. Are you ready to try one of these sweet treats?

Dipped cones have been a part of DQ’s menus for a long time. Just like the Blizzard is associated with happy tastes good memories, the dipped cones have numerous fans. The combination of luscious, soft serve ice cream enveloped in a sweet, crunchy shell is quite tasty.

While some DQ locations had this tasty treat, many people couldn’t find this flavor of dipped cones. There was even a Change.org petition circulating to bring back the tasty treat.

Adding this flavor nationwide is smart for DQ. While the quick service restaurant has found huge success with its seasonal Blizzards, there is something iconic and timeless about the dipped cones. DQ is one of the first brands to feature dipped cones on the menu.

Butterscotch is growing in popularity. The sweet, yet nuanced flavor offers a change from all the salted caramel. There might be a slight connection to the obsession over Butterbeer, which has a slightly similar flavor.

In many ways, the dipped cones offer the flavor of a sundae in a more convenient way of eating it. The shell has just the right amount of crunch. No spoon is required, just a napkin to keep your hands clean.

DQ found a lot of success with the creamsicle version of the dipped cone. Available in the Spring, ice cream fans loved the combination of orange and soft serve. Building on that success, this butterscotch flavor should be equally successful.

The Butterscotch Dipped Cones will be available at participating Dairy Queen locations.

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What do you think of this new DQ menu item? Will you be going to enjoy one today?