SweeTARTS celebrates its Be Both campaign with Christian Siriano


Candy meets fashion in the SweeTARTS Be Both campaign. With help from designer Christian Siriano, everyone can celebrate being “more than one thing.”

A simple statement can have profound meaning. SweeTARTS started the campaign, “Be Both” with the idea that life isn’t one dimensional. During New York Fashion week, Christian Siriano debuted a SweeTARTS inspired couture look that epitomized that idea that life is being more than just one thing.

Pop culture and today’s society is about embracing the colorful world that is life. People today do not want to be given a label, put in a box or pigeonhole. A fulfilled life is about being bold, vibrant and embracing all things.

SweeTARTS and its Be Both campaign celebrates the idea that people can and should be more. Just like the candy that can be sweet, tart, chewy, hard, long, short and everything else, people do not need to compromise. While the concept is clear, a visual representation of that duality can really drive the idea home.

The collaboration between fashion industry elite designer, Christian Siriano, shows how food, fashion and pop culture are intertwined. The dress, won by Marsai Martin during New York Fashion Week, takes this candy brand out of the bag and onto the catwalk.

This design was inspired by the SweeTARTS Original and Mini Chewy candies. The look has a feeling of soft and sweet while balancing a sense of structure and movement. It epitomizes the notion of “Be Both” in the best of ways.


Siriano said, “It’s impressive to see a candy brand really think about the world today, and want to be as inclusive and diverse as our society is becoming.” As a designer, Siriano and his designs have that sense of inclusion. After this collaboration, it will be interesting to see what future projects could happen. Maybe the candy brand could appear on a future episode of Project Runway.

While not everyone can be an award winning fashion designer or wear one of his designs, this collaboration can serve as a wonderful example to embrace you. Fitting into a particular box isn’t necessary in today’s world. Be both, be all, just like the candy that can be sweet and tart.

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How do you embrace the idea of Be Both? Could some SweeTARTS candy encourage you to be more than just one thing?